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The smell is something very unique that most of us hadn't encountered previously, a very refreshing and complex aroma that reminded us of other strains but always threw a wrench into the mix with an unexpected whiff of something. The effects were certainly Indica-dominant in the "stoned" vein where sitting on the couch relaxing and staring blankly at a movie seems like a great idea, making this a highly recommendable evening medication. It's great for unwinding at the end of the day without being incapacitated and serves to prepare the body and mind for a night of restful sleep.



In-house strain bred by Grasshopper Wellness in Colorado


Claw shaped fern green calyxes , formed in tight closed clusters, with robin red pistils, and an above average density of average length, thin stalked trichomes with large heads, and a carpet of peltate trichomes


This strain has a very unique aroma that brought to mind a variety of sharp yet sweet scents. A burst of lime-kissed cleaner meets a sugary cherry syrup quality — it's certainly very sweet but the freshness and sharpness adds a complex dimension that was not noticed before breaking/grinding it up. Top-notch aroma here, and very unique.


The initial flavor was much like the smell — a more flowery and smooth version of the lime-pine-sweetness combination. As the taste progressed though, it took on more of a holiday spice + anise quality, with an interesting sharp muskiness. The flavor degraded quite a bit th0ugh as it progressed, making us cough quite a bit and leaving a slightly funky aftertaste. Flush-wise, it could definitely use some work, as the final ash was a somewhat murky dark gray for most of the review staff.


This strain started off with a little mental boost, serving to slap us awake a little bit with its potency. There were a strange package of pressure effects with this one, with multiple reviewers reporting strong jaw, ear, and forehead pressure — the ears were especially unique, as they were both warm and pressurized. Beyond the odd physical sensations with this one, it moved quickly into an Indica state of goofy, slightly lazy relaxation where mental function was intact, but just barely. Definitely a couchy movie-watching type of strain, though even concentrating on something like that might be a little more difficult than normal. Dropping in effect quite a bit after 1.5 hours, it had a smooth comedown that left us feeling relaxed and ready for bed, depending on the timing of medication.


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