PotGuide is a comprehensive online resource for the cannabis industry connecting consumers to dispensaries, delivery services, brands and exciting deals/offers on consumer products. A content driven site, PotGuide strives to show consumers the ropes of legal cannabis through various directories, educational guides and carefully curated information from industry experts.

PotGuide only lists licensed, legal cannabis businesses and connects consumers with relevant service providers through various directories including Dispensaries, Deals, Brands, Lodging, Events, Activities and more. PotGuide was founded on the belief that cannabis consumers deserve access to the best cannabis information available in order to have safe, positive experiences with this remarkable plant. We are industry experts ourselves and have many years of experience behind us. From growing, trimming, budtending, and managing dispensaries to digital media, marketing, branding and content creation, the PotGuide team has first-hand expertise in every aspect of the cannabis market from seed to sale and beyond. We are from the industry, for the industry.

Headquartered in Denver, CO and founded in 2013, we have experienced the legalization wave right from the source. We’ve built PotGuide as a resource for keeping the cannabis revolution going, advocating for education, safe consumption, and the de-stigmatization of the plant. PotGuide is the leading website for marijuana enthusiasts to stay connected with cannabis culture and information.

Meet the Team

Our team is what makes the entire site possible! Learn more about our awesome employees below. If you need to get in touch, please visit our Contact Us page for more information.

Jeremy Bamford

CEO, Founder

Jeremy Bamford founded PotGuide in 2013 as a resource for cannabis enthusiasts visiting Colorado to explore the first legal recreational cannabis market in the U.S. At the time there was very little information available for visitors regarding this industry. Jeremy understood that a successful implementation of recreational sales in Colorado was crucial for this industry to have the chance to grow and mature. All eyes were on Colorado when recreational sales began in 2014.

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Jason Butler

Director of Sales & Operations

With over 8 years of cannabis industry experience, Jason Butler is a subject matter expert in directing B2B sales and operations, supported by a career of communicating and anticipating needs. Jason’s colleagues and peers describe him as highly motivated, goal-oriented, organized and driven. He is also a highly ethical person who cares for others..

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Michael Walters

Director of Content & Marketing

With a deep understanding and appreciation for quality content and ethical editorial practices, Michael Walters has staked his career on his ability to create, implement, and manage robust large scale content marketing strategies in a highly efficient manner. Through rigorous work ethic, motivation and a keen understanding of digital marketing best practices, Michael has worked with several businesses to help them succeed in various goals and objectives.

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Josh Dubisz

Front End Developer

Josh Dubisz is a skilled developer with expertise in multiple software languages. Fueled by a passion to help others, Josh has contributed his talents as a developer to multiple humanitarian efforts, including the Namibia Health Informatics Project and building the web interface for the Pulaar Dictionary Project. Additionally, Josh spent two years working with the Peace Corps Senegal to provide valuable support to development initiatives.

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Matthew Mongelia

Content Manager

Matthew Mongelia is a cannabis industry expert and a writer of eclectic output and passions. His entry into the cannabis industry first started with a single freelance piece for San Francisco dispensary Bloomroom, and kicked off in full as a budtender for various Colorado dispensaries where he quickly amassed a wide range of cannabis industry experience firsthand. A natural student, he took the opportunity to learn as much about cannabis as possible, helping him to quickly become a lead medical budtender for Colorado Harvest Company in 2015. He then moved into the startup world of cannabis doing marketing for cannabis-focused payment processor Tokken, a finalist for SXSW’s 2016 Interactive Innovation Awards. From there he joined PotGuide, initially doing content creation, marketing and events, working his way up to now acting as PotGuide’s Content Manager.

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Casey Butler

Account Manager and Brand Sales

Casey Butler grew up in a small town in Michigan, and has watched the cannabis industry grow throughout his life. He moved to Colorado after graduating college, where he experienced his very first dispensary. He has personally seen many people in his life benefit from cannabis, both medical and recreational.

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JoJo Bellig

Marketing Coordinator

JoJo Bellig is an expert marketer and social media trend-setter. Her various experiences abroad, including studying at La Universidad de Granada and Semester at Sea, have given her a global perspective that allows her to comprehend the deeper international cultural understandings behind cannabis’ past and present. JoJo uses her skills in marketing, design and web copy to help ensure PotGuide’s audience is well informed and captivated both visually and mentally. Over the years, JoJo has developed expertise in anticipating the needs of a digital audience and is the voice of PotGuide’s social media presence.

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Samantha Cleary

Data Coordinator

Samantha Cleary hails from Bozeman, Montana and recently moved to Denver, Colorado. Her passion for cannabis began, as many of ours do, during her years at college, finding it a great aid to socialization and forming some of her greatest friendships over the shared love for the plant. She even went so far as to utilize cannabis when formulating her graduating thesis; researching the effects of marijuana legalization on opioid overdose rates. It was in her thesis that she coined the term “Marijuananomics”, a term still utilized by her economics professors to this day.

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At PotGuide, we strive to provide accurate educational information for all things cannabis. Our content covers a wide range of topics and offers guidance for all levels of cannabis experience, from beginners all the way to connoisseurs. Publishing 100% original content takes a team of cannabis industry experts to be done right, and our team is one of the best in the business. Take a look below to see the people who work on our blog and written content.

Erin Hiatt


Erin Hiatt is a New York City-based writer and journalist who came to writing about cannabis and hemp after (and during!) a career as a performer. Of all the side hustles undertaken to support herself between gigs, writing is the hustle that stuck. Today, she is a cannabis industry veteran with more than eight years of experience under her belt.

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Paul Barach


As a freelance writer and author, Paul has covered a wide variety of topics from the history of gas attacks in WWI to travel memoirs about hiking a 750 mile Buddhist pilgrimage in Japan. He is also an accomplished storyteller and performer. He produced and hosted a monthly storytelling show in Seattle and his work has been featured on The Moth’s Grandslam, RISK!, Out There, and more. He has also been featured on several travel podcasts, including Backpacker Radio, Armchair Explorer, Zero to Travel, and Deviate with Rolf Potts.

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Trevor Ross


Trevor is a content marketing writer who previously taught composition and literature at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Santa Fe College. He now uses his years of experience as an editor and educator to teach people about cannabis. After graduate school, Trevor took a job in copywriting and public relations for a regional event service, managing social media marketing across five cities. Later, he managed a bar in Florida, assisting with digital marketing and events coordination. He also briefly covered Seattle sports for SidelineBuzz.

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Samantha Smith


Samantha Smith is a freelance writer, journalist, medical cannabis patient and marijuana advocate. Currently she holds the title of Corporate Merchandising and Marketing Communications Manager for The Green Door, a chain of dispensaries in Michigan.

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