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Our visitors vary from cannabis curious to connoisseur to professional. Connect with over 20 million visitors per year.

PotGuide visitors are searching for dispensaries and delivery options, looking for deals, researching brands and products, planning vacations and so much more.

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PotGuide has a broad spectrum of content and directories allowing for many opportunities to promote your brand and business.

Directories and content for 38 US States and Canada

6,500+ dispensary and delivery profiles

Infused cannabis brands and product directories

Cannabis focused event calendars

Social lounge directories

1,000+ top ranking articles

300 in-depth brand product reviews

350 strain reviews with macro photography

30+ extensive guides
(concentrate guide, travel guides, MMJ Card, 4/20, etc.)

Tours and activities

420 friendly lodging options - commercial and private

Consumer email list with over 60,000 subscribers

Since the start of legalization, visitors have relied on PotGuide to know where to buy, where to stay, and what to do.

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