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Educate consumers on your brand and products and increase sales and revenue.

Brands have had very limited options for gaining exposure online, often resulting in ineffective advertising campaigns. PotGuide’s Brands Directory can provide your brand the online exposure it needs to the audience you want. Stop paying for ineffective, disorganized advertising strategies and get your brand the real attention it deserves.

Grow With PotGuide
Boost your Brand

Highlight your brand identity and product line in an attractive, easy to navigate brand directory listing.

Your brand receives its own dedicated page, with integrations including Google Reviews, YouTube and more.

Dedicated product pages provide the real estate you need to effectively convey your story and selling points directly to the consumer.

Users can also review your products and share their opinions with other consumers.

Dedicated product pages

Help consumers locate your products

Help consumers locate where they can purchase your products.

On each dedicated product page we can direct consumers to local businesses offering your products.

Drive new customers to your brand.

PotGuide has over 1.5m visitors per month looking for brands like yours. We offer multiple access points to your brand pages, allowing consumers who are unfamiliar with your brand to discover it organically while browsing PotGuide.

Drive new customers to your brand

What else can we offer your brand? In short, visibility, and lots of it. Options include:

Display Ad Campaigns

Target your audience with content-specific display ads.

Product Reviews

PotGuide’s trusted and objective reviews lead the industry in recommendations. Customers are looking for information, give them more reasons to buy.

Sponsored Content

Shine the spotlight on your brand with sponsored content. Our approach to integrating brand messaging into thoughtful, captivating articles has resulted in high exposure and a strong ROI for many of our customers.

Newsletter Blasts

Place your brand in front of our 50k+ B2C email subscribers