How to Prevent Red Eyes After Consuming Cannabis

  • Wednesday December 1, 2021

Everyone knows that consuming cannabis poses the risk of having red eyes in return. Luckily, there are several ways to prevent getting red eyes after smoking weed. Learn the top tips and tricks for making sure your eyes don't turn red after consuming marijuana.

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New Jersey Marijuana Legalization: When Can You Buy Weed?

New Jersey just recently legalized recreational marijuana in the November 2020 election. While there is significant reason for celebration, this might not be quite what people think it is. Join us on the Jersey shore as we take a closer look at this new cannabis outpost on the east coast.

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420 Culture

10 Smoke Tricks and How to Do Them

If you ever wanted to impress your friends at your next smoke sesh, we’re here to decode how to get some of the coolest smoke effects. Read on to find out the top 10 smoke tricks you can practice right now, from easiest to hardest.

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Cannabis in Morocco

Morocco has a long history of making hashish, a cannabis concentrate made from the loose resin trichomes. Morocco’s recent progress in cannabis legislation marks the start of a new era of cannabis in the region. Join PotGuide as we take a look at this historic home of hash!

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Tips for Watering Your Cannabis Plants

Are you new to growing cannabis? Have you been wondering about the best ways to water your plants? Learn more about some of the best practice for watering marijuana plants to ensure your harvest is bountiful!

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