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How to Keep Your COVID-19 Quarantine Marijuana Stash Fresh

  • Wednesday April 8, 2020

With statewide lockdowns in effect due to the coronavirus, most cannabis consumers have stocked up on their marijuana supplies. A lot of people are now looking for ways to store their surplus of weed and keep it fresh. Check out some ways to maximize your quarantine stash and keep it safe.

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New Mexico Medical Marijuana Reciprocity Update

New Mexico recently passed medical cannabis reciprocity laws allowing out-of-state patients with valid licenses to shop freely at any dispensary in the state. Learn more about these reciprocity laws in New Mexico and what they could mean for the state's cannabis tourism industry.

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420 Culture

Does Incense Hide the Smell of Weed?

Incense has been around for thousands of years and has been helping people cover up various odors since its creation. But does incense hide the smell of marijuana? Learn more about the odor masking properties of incense and whether it can handle the dank smell of cannabis.

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How to Find the Best Marijuana Dispensary Near You

Have you ever wanted to find the closest marijuana dispensary near you? Well now you can! PotGuide's Find NEarby tool helps you locate cannabis shops in your near vicinity to help you purchase cannabis quickly, easily and legally.

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Should You Talk to Your Doctor About Cannabis?

Discussing marijuana consumption habits with your doctor may seem odd, especially if you live in a non-legal state. However, being transparent about marijuana with your physician is generally a good thing. Learn more about talking about cannabis with your doctor and why you should be open about it.

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