Overview of Colorado's New Cannabis Regulations

Pro-cannabis governor Jared Polis recently signed several new cannabis bills into law, along with a measure that made changes to several "sunsetting" regulations. Learn more about the new regulations and what they mean for Colorado's cannabis industry!

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Tips for Transporting Cannabis Glass Properly

When it’s time to transport your glass, protecting your precious purchase should be treated the same as any other fragile item you would pack with care. Here are a few tips and tricks for transporting glass.

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Drug Testing 101: What Industries Drug Test the Most

Now that public interest around cannabis is increasing, so are the number of people who could find themselves testing positive during a work-related drug screening. Here is a look at some of the industries where drug testing can be expected.

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What is CBG? Exploring Cannabigerol's Properties

Much of the consuming public's focus on cannabis centers on two cannabinoids, THC and CBD. However scores of other cannabinoids, like Cannabigerol (CBG), are worth discussing. Click here to read about its possibilities!

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Cannabis Grow Mediums: Are They Reusable?

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into growing the best marijuana and you’re ready to do it again. You can reuse lights, vents, pots – and even your grow medium if you treat it right. We’ll discuss how to reuse different grow mediums and get you growing your next crop fast.

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