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Introducing DULZE Edibles: The First Mexican-Owned “Infused” Gummy Brand

  • Tuesday August 30, 2022

The Latino community is celebrating the first Mexican-owned edible gummy brand called Dulze. They specialize in flavors that are unique to their culture like Horchata, Margarita, Chili Watermelon, and Pina Colada. Chef Mika Moya is making a giant impact on the California cannabis edible game.

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420 Culture

Top 10 Foods to Add Cannabis Distillate Into

Cannabis distillate is extremely versatile and can be a fun way to switch up your cannabis consumption. Try adding some weed distillate into some of your favorite foods! Here are PotGuide's picks for the best foods to add THC distillate into.

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Are European Countries Starting to Legalize Weed?

Most of Europe follows the German model, where medical marijuana is legal and its consumption and possession decriminalized. There are a few holdouts where cannabis remains illegal and criminalized. Some countries do allow adult use. Discover what countries are most cannabis friendly or not.

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The Best Cannabis Strains for Focus and Clarity

Did you know that people use cannabis for motivation? It's true! There are many marijuana strains that are great for focus and clarity. Keep reading to learn more about the best cannabis strains for productivity.

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What are Sous Vide Edibles?

If you’ve got a friend who loves to cook, they’ve probably introduced you to sous vide. If your friend also loves to cook weed, you should probably introduce them to sous vide edibles. Sous vides can be used as a superior infusion technique for canna oil and edibles. We have the recipes too.

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Does Music Influence Cannabis Plant Growth?

Cannabis growers are always looking for new ways to boost yields and overall quality of their cannabis plants. One of the most recent and unique trends to hit the cannabis industry is playing music for plants. Learn more about why growers are playing music for their plants and which genres seem to have the best effects.

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