List of Illinois Recreational Dispensaries Open on January 1st

The big day is here! Recreational cannabis sales in Illinois officially begin January 1, 2020. PotGuide has compiled a list of every dispensary open for adult use sales on the state's first day of legal cannabis commerce. Browse the list and purchase cannabis legally in the Prairie State.

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420 Culture

Dab Rig Cleaning Tips and Best Concentrate Reclaim Removal Options

Dabbing has become a popular way to consume cannabis. It’s best to clean your dab rig and apply regular maintenance to not only get the most flavor out of concentrates, but to prevent reclaim build-up. Keep reading to learn about the easiest and most effective methods for cleaning your dab rig.

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Tips for Starting Your Cannabis Industry Career

There are many people who want to work in the cannabis industry. However, it's a lot harder to score a job in the weed business than it may seem. Check out some tips for entering the marijuana industry as a beginner employee and start your cannabis career.

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Watering Cannabis Plants and How to Automate the Process

Watering your cannabis plants is one of the most important aspects of growing quality marijuana, and it can be completely automated with a little effort. Learn how to automate the watering process for marijuana cultivation and why it could be useful for your grow.

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