Michigan Recreational Cannabis Sales Update

  • Monday December 9, 2019

Michigan recently became the newest state to launch a legal recreational cannabis market. Find out how sales at dispensaries went the first few days and how Michigan's adult-use marijuana market will fare in the future.

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Overview of Colorado's New Cannabis Regulations

Pro-cannabis governor Jared Polis recently signed several new cannabis bills into law, along with a measure that made changes to several "sunsetting" regulations. Learn more about the new regulations and what they mean for Colorado's cannabis industry!

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Does CBD Reduce THC Effects?

CBD is known to produce several different effects when consumed. Many people claim that CBD can reduce the effects of THC as well. Read more to find out the truth about CBD and THC.

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How to Predetermine the Sex of Cannabis Plants

Knowing if a cannabis plant is male or female is an important aspect of marijuana cultivation. Find out how to tell the sex of a cannabis plant in early stages, as well as the benefits of sexing your cannabis plants as soon as possible.

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