How Many Terpenes are Found in Cannabis?

  • Saturday May 23, 2020

Terpenes, the aromatic compounds that provide smell, flavor, and the entourage effect to cannabis. Just how many terpenes are found in marijuana though? Learn more about terpenes, as well as some of the most common ones and strains they're commonly found in.

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Cannabis News Recap: June 2020

Join the PotGuide Team as we overview top marijuana news stories from the past month. This edition covers June 2020 and some of the hottest cannabis stories from another month that has seen several ups and downs.

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420 Culture

9 High-THC Strains You Should Check Out

While THC is not the only aspect about cannabis flower you should be interested in, it certainly does have a correlation with how strong marijuana's effects are on a person. Check out 9 of our favorite high-THC cannabis strains and pick them up from your local dispensary to try out today!

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How to Interpret a Label for Cannabis Flower

When purchasing cannabis at the dispensary, many of us know to look at THC percentages. But what about other useful information contained on a marijuana label for flower? Read more to know what to look for on the label next time you're buying weed.

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