Does CBD Create an Entourage Effect like Terpenes?

  • Wednesday November 18, 2020

The entourage effect is a concept that many holds to be true. While some may associate the effects they experience with THC, that is just one of the numerous compounds that create the enjoyable and therapeutic results in each cultivar Let's explore if the entourage effect applies to CBD as well.

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Colorado Marijuana Delivery & Buying Weed Online: An Update

As progressive as Colorado has been when it comes to marijuana, cannabis delivery has been a lower legal priority for state lawmakers. However, now following California and Nevada’s lead, Colorado is well on its way towards allowing for recreational marijuana delivery. Let's explore what to expect!

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420 Culture

Cannabeer Craze: Will There be an Alcoholic THC Beverage?

“Will there ever be a true cannabis-infused, alcoholic beer?” PotGuide is here with an answer, but first off we should distinguish between a couple of different kinds of beverages calling themselves “Cannabeer” which are being brewed in states that have legalized recreational marijuana.

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Are Portable Dab Rigs (E-Rigs) Worth the Money?

As technology for concentrate consumption has improved, more portable e-rig options are emerging in the marketplace, though some of them bear a hefty price tag. Is investing in a portable e-rig worth it? Here are some of the options out there.

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Tolerance Break Duration Times from Beginner to Expert

Many long-term cannabis consumers have considered taking a tolerance break at one point or another for various reasons. That’s why PotGuide is here with some helpful tips on your optimal tolerance break duration, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert consumer.

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How to Rehydrate Dry Weed

Most cannabis consumers have encountered a dry bag of marijuana at some point in time, especially those living in dry climates like Colorado and Arizona. Learn some of the best methods for rehydrating dry marijuana flower and restoring moisture to your buds for a sticky, dank experience.

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