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Sunday August 28, 2022

By Shirley Ju

A handful of people on the stage with a green presentation behind them. 420 Culture

In the world of cannabis, one thing both brands and consumers can look forward to each year is the Emerald Cup. Since its inception in 2004, the annual Emerald Cup has been the go-to competition to celebrate the cannabis harvest, bringing together the cannabis community that’s deeply rooted in the mountains of the Emerald Triangle in Northern California.

And for the first time, the competition finds itself in Southern California, sunny Los Angeles to be exact. 2022 proved to be the 18th Annual Emerald Cup Awards ceremony, which took place live from the legendary Ricardo Montalbán Theatre located in the heart of Hollywood. On the evening of May 14th, cannabis connoisseurs from all over the country came to celebrate the flower and all its glory — with some even deeming it the “Academy Awards of Cannabis.”

4 women standing under the Montalban Theatre marquee with the words reading 18th Annual Emerald Cup Awards Tonight
The event was held at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood, CA. photo credit

Presented by Boveda and PurePressure by Agrify, the evening was met with a star-studded red carpet, providing an elevated experience for all those in attendance. Guests in attendance enjoyed the ambiance as Emerald Cup Founder, Tim, took the stage with his daughter, Taylor Blake, with notable guest speakers awarding the winners from each category a unique trophy hand-blown by glass artist Ryan Fitt (in collaboration with Puffco).

Emerald Cup Judges, Nominees, and Hosts

So how were the nominees picked? Over the course of a month, official Emerald Cup judges sampled over 700 entries spanning over 50 different categories, in the end narrowing the picks to just 182 winners. What were they looking for? Top-tier, top-shelf cannabis. The award ceremony was live streamed worldwide by official Emerald Cup media partner

As discussed in our last article previewing the Emerald Cup Awards, being included in the Emerald Cup almost immediately boosts your brand into the limelight. The Emerald Cup is best known for shaping the taste of the cannabis industry as a whole, with the “best in class” in each category being the highly coveted prize.

A giant, green sign with Woody Harrelson's name displayed with Woody Harrelson at the clear podium below on stage
The Willie Nelson award was presented to Woody Harrelson. photo credit

Cannabis activist and actor Woody Harrelson was also honored on stage, receiving the 2022 “Willie Nelson'' (Lifetime Achievement) Award recipient. Thanks to decades of relentless advocacy on behalf of cannabis culture, veganism, and a healthy questioning of the status quo, Harrelson joins a much-respected association of past winners such as Winona LaDuke, Tommy Chong, and Valerie Corral.

A wide array of guests were in attendance, from experts to journalists to scientists and of course, cannabis lovers. Musical performances were enjoyed thanks to Andreas One, Jasmine Solana, and Lafa.

Legacy cannabis brand Fig Farms, founded in 2016 by Keith & Chloe Healy, prides themselves as breeders and cultivators growing the highest grade cannabis. Taking home the Indoor and Breeder's Cup. Keith states:

“Thank you to the Emerald Cup judges for recognizing and validating our obsessive perfectionism in the garden – we are extremely honored to be receiving these awards. California is the epicenter of the cannabis culture universe, making a win in the Emerald Cup a worldwide achievement. Winning these awards in Hollywood amongst all of our respected friends and peers is a proud moment we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives.”

The Emerald Cup Announces the Winners for 2022

It is amazing to see just how many categories the Emerald Cup has today! We listed out the major ones, but feel free to download the full list of winners, here.

A few people gathered around a flower bar, sampling green cannabis buds
There was a lot of cannabis to be smoked at the Emerald Cup. photo credit

Sungrown Flower Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Farmer and the Felon - Lemon Sponge Cake
  • 2nd Place: Rebel Grown - Double OG Chem
  • 3rd Place: Farmer and the Felon x Cookie Fam Genetics - Georgia Pie
  • 4th Place: Farmer and the Felon - Double OG Chem
  • 5th Place: Full Moon Farms - Black Water OG
  • 6th Place: Canna Country Farms - #26
  • 7th Place: Rebel Grown - Natty Bumpoo
  • 8th Place: Farmer and the Felon - 92 OG
  • 9th Place: Huckleberry Hill Farms - Mom's Weed
  • 10th Place: Esensia - Lime Juice

Sungrown – Breeder’s Cup Category Winner

  • 1st Place: Rebel Grown - Double OG Chem

Mixed Light Flower Category Winners

  • 1st Place: LitHouse - Modified Grapes
  • 2nd Place: LitHouse - Jealousy
  • 3rd Place: LitHouse - Lemon Lava
  • 4th Place: Safier Family Farms x Peak Humboldt x Mattole Uplift Cooperative - Angel Food Cake
  • 5th Place: Healing Herb Farms - Lemon Head OG x Zkittlez
  • 6th Place: Monterey Kush Co - Matchalato
  • 7th Place: LitHouse - Paragon
  • 8th Place: Bono-Ape - Ice Cream Cake
  • 9th Place: Monterey Kush Co - Citra-Lato
  • 10th Place: Booney Acres - Strawberry Jelly Flower

Mixed Light – Breeder’s Cup Category Winner

  • 1st Place: Healing Herb Farms - Lemon Head OG x Zkittlez

Indoor Flower Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Fig Farms - Animal Face
  • 2nd Place: Panacea - Pablo's Revenge
  • 3rd Place: Fig Farms - Blue Face
  • 4th Place: NUG - Chocolatina
  • 5th Place: Fig Farms - Holy Moly!
  • 6th Place: Sovereign - Lemon Vuitton
  • 7th Place: STIIIZY - Blue Burst
  • 8th Place: Cure Company - Marathon OG
  • 9th Place: Source Cannabis - Quest
  • 10th Place: Atrium Cultivation - Juice Z
Man wearing a white and green marijuana leaf printed suit and a green hat, pointing at a bunch of Puffco awards.
Each winner was awarded with a Puffco piece that was hand blown by glass artist Ryan Fitt photo credit

Indoor Flower Breeder’s Cup Category Winner

  • 1st Place: Fig Farms - Holy Moly!

Sungrown Greenhouse Flower

  • 1st Place: Local Cannabis Co - Sherbhead
  • 2nd Place: Glass House Farms - Glass House Farms Waiting Game
  • 3rd Place: Local Cannabis Co - Ice Cream Cake
  • 4th Place: Local Cannabis Co - Orange 43
  • 5th Place: Harborside Farms - The Mac
  • 6th Place: Harborside Farms x Bloom Farms - SFV OG
  • 7th Place: Humboldt Redwood Healing x The Humboldt Brand - Sour G
  • 8th Place: Country Club Cannabis - EVB Rainbow Frootz
  • 9th Place: Ridgeline Farms - Ridgeline Runtz
  • 10th Place: Harborside Farms - Motorhead

Personal Use Flower

  • 1st Place: Parker PZ Moselle - Ohrangatang Titties
  • 2nd Place: Colin Teurfs x Dan Pomerantz - Double OG Chem 4
  • 3rd Place: Matt Jones - Cheese
  • 4th Place: Brandy Schneider - AM Lime
  • 5th Place: Mary Polson - Pink Champagne

3rd Party Certified Sungrown Flower

  • 1st Place: Emerald Spirit Botanicals - Farm Cut - Pink Boost Goddess

3rd Party Certified Mixed Light Flower Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Old Briceland Cannabis Company - Epiphany
  • 2nd Place: Old Briceland Cannabis Company - Area 41
  • 3rd Place: Old Briceland Cannabis Company - White Gummies #1
People sitting in an audience in a theatre listening to a speaker
Everyone was excited to hear the awards coming in at the Emerald Cup Award's show. photo credit

Best in Show Category Winner

  • 1st Place: Farmer and the Felon - Lemon Sponge Cake


Pre-Roll – Infused Solventless Extract Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Sovereign - Geode Joint - Modified Lemons
  • 2nd Place: El Toro Verde - El Toro Verde Cannagar
  • 3rd Place: Vital Grown x Sticky Fields x Compassionate Heart x Massive Creations x Feeling Frosty - Mendo Massive

Pre-Roll – Infused Solvent Extract

  • 1st Place: Paletas - Paletas Mother's Milk Infused Blunt
  • 2nd Place: Sugar Daddy - Sugar Daddy Indica 2.5G Infused Blunt
  • 3rd Place: Weedwoodz - Weedwoodz XOXO

Pre-Roll - Non-Infused Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Lost Paradise Organics - Gelonade 6pk Flower Pre-Roll
  • 2nd Place: Atrium Cultivation - Juice Z Pre-Roll
  • 3rd Place: Country - 1:1 Good Neighbor Pre-Roll 6pk

Solventless Concentrates

Ice Water Hash Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Heritage Hash Co - Whitethorn Rose Live Bubble Hash
  • 2nd Place: el Krem - Papaya Bomb Ice Water Hash
  • 3rd Place: Papa's Select - Amarelo #9 90u Ice Water Hash
  • 4th Place: Feeling Frosty - Banana Cream Cake x Jealousy 120u Ice Water Hash
  • 5th Place: Kalya x Dancing Dog Ranch - Double Rainbow
Two women at a dab bar, smoking puffco dab rigs and fresh concentrates
There was a dab bar at the Emerald Cup to try samples of the winning submissions. photo credit

Rosin Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Rosin Tech Labs x Luma Farms - Papaya
  • 2nd Place: Heritage Hash Co - Whitethorn Rose Live Rosin
  • 3rd Place: Kalya x LUMA Farms - Lemon Limez
  • 4th Place: FIELD - FIELD Papaya Cold Cured Live Rosin
  • 5th Place: Rosin Tech Labs - Garlic Cookies
  • 6th Place: Rosin Tech Labs - Garlic Juice #3 Cold Cure
  • 7th Place: el Krem - Strawberry Runtz - Rosin
  • 8th Place: Moon Valley Hash Co - Strawberry Banana Cold Cure Live Rosin
  • 9th Place: Doc Green's - White Buffalo Cold Cured Live Rosin
  • 10th Place: Have Hash - Zkittlez Cold Cure Live Rosin (Headstash)

Personal Use Solventless Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Alice Reis x Flynn Abeln - Wooksauce Winery Screaming Mimis
  • 2nd Place: Brett Byrd - Modified Grapes Full spec 45-159 creme brulee consistency w/THC-A layer
  • 3rd Place: Brett Byrd - Gush Mints Full Spec 45-159
  • 4th Place: Brett Byrd - Modified Grapes Full Spec 45-159
  • 5th Place: Brett Byrd - Apple Fritters Full Spec 45-159


C02 Cartridge Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Haku - Haku CO2 Live Resin
  • 2nd Place: Featured Farms x Burzt Farms - Burzt by Featured Farms
  • 3rd Place: Wildseed Co x Cannabis Refined - Cherry Wife CO2 Cartridge

Distillate Cartridge Category Winners

  • 1st Place: LEGION - Monarch - Strawberry Banana - Cannabis Derived Terpenes
  • 2nd Place: GoldDrop x Fig Farms - Kush Mint Cookies Nug Run Vape Cartridge
  • 3rd Place: Beezle Brands - Orange Blossom Buzz Cartridge

Live Resin Cartridge Category Winners

  • 1st Place: URSA Extracts - Liquid Diamond Sauce Humboldt Jack
  • 2nd Place: Arcata Fire x Humboldt Seed Co - Raspberry Live Resin Sauce Cart
  • 3rd Place: Lemon Tree x Holy Water x Orchard Beach Farms - Kiwi tree Single Source Live
A handful of people standing on stage with one person talking into a microphone
There were many awards handed out and many laughs shared at the Emerald Cup Awards. photo credit

Resin Cartridge

  • 4th Place: ColdFire Extracts x Turtle Pie Co - Prickly Pear Juice by ColdFire Extracts
  • 5th Place: Friendly Farms - Friendly Farms Liquid Live Resin Apple Fritter
  • 6th Place: The Bohemian Chemist - The Bohemian Chemist Cart Blanche .5g Hotsy-Totsy

Live Resin Cartridge

  • 7th Place: Halara - GMO Live Diamond Sauce
  • 8th Place: Friendly Farms - Liquid Live Resin Flight #23
  • 9th Place: ColdFire Extracts - UpDog Juice by ColdFire Extracts
  • 10th Place: Oakland Extracts - Papaya Pucker

Solventless Cartridge Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Doc Green's - Runtz Live Rosin Vape Cartridge
  • 2nd Place: Solventless CartridgeJetty Extracts – Fatso Solventless Vape
  • 3rd Place: Solventless CartridgeArcata Fire x Highwater Farms – Key Lime Pie Solventless Rosin Cart

Solvent Concentrate

Hydro-Carbon Solid Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Beezle Brands x Luma Farms - Key Lime Paya Live Resin Budder
  • 2nd Place: Beezle Brands x Earthen Farms - Gary Payton Live resin Budder
  • 3rd Place: URSA Extracts - -Live Badder Modified Grapes
  • 4th Place: Cookies x ArcataX - Day Day
  • 5th Place: PaperPlanes Extracts x Land Hammer Farms - Donnie Burger #5 Live Resin Batter

Hydro-Carbon Liquid Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Cosmic x Peak x Feeling Frosty - White Runtz
  • 2nd Place: FIELD x Wizard Trees x Doja - FIELD x Wizard Trees x Doja RS-11 Live Resin
  • 3rd Place: Cosmic x Peak x Feeling Frosty - Orange Daiquiri
  • 4th Place: Terphogz - Live Resin Sauce Melon Brainz
  • 5th Place: Orchard Beach Farms x Holy Water - Kiwi Tree


Therapeutic Topical Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Care By Design - CBD Joint & Muscle Cream
  • 2nd Place: Kush Queen - Kush Queen Transdermal THC Water-Based Personal Lubricant
  • 3rd Place: OM x Feeling Frosty - Sweet Dreams CBN Rosin Bath Bomb
A man with a grey hat on, big grey beard, smiling, and wearing a vest with green cannabis leaves on it, talking to a black man with a neon green drink in hand
There was time to mingle with other cannabis lovers alike at the Emerald Cup Awards show. photo credit

Cosmetic Topical Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Proof-Face Serum
  • 2nd Place: OM x Feeling Frosty - Himalayan Kush Rosin Bath Bomb

Personal Use Topical Category Winner

  • 1st Place: Erica A - Deep Muscle Rub - Liniment Lotion


  • 1st Place: Care By Design - Refresh Drops 1:1 MAX
  • 2nd Place: Santa Cruz Mountain Tops - La Luna
  • 3rd Place: Lempire Farmaseed - LEM OG 1000mg Rosin Tincture


Edibles - Beverage Category Winners

  • 1st Place: HiFi Sessions x Lagunitas x Absolute Xtracts - HiFi Hoppy Chill
  • 2nd Place: Pure Beauty - Little Strong Drink
  • 3rd Place: K-Zen Beverages - Mad Lilly Passion Fruit Mango Spritzer

Edibles - Beverage Enhancer Category Winner

  • 1st Place: S*Shots - Berry Blast

Edibles - Gummies Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Kalya x Elephante - Papaya Rosin Gummies
  • 2nd Place: Space Gem - Sweet Sleepy Fig
  • 3rd Place: Queen Mary - Enchanted

Edibles- Sweet Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Cosmic Edibles x Kalya - Solventless Rosin Plant-Based Chocolate Chip Sprinkles Cookie Dough
  • 2nd Place: Oasis - Peanut Butter Cup Minis
  • 3rd Place: Mammamia - Capri Lemon Cake Bites

Edibles- Savory Category Winners

  • 1st Place: Potli x SF Roots - Shrimp Chips
  • 2nd Place: TSUMo Snacks - TSUMo Snacks Classic Cheese Crunchers

Photo Credit: Emerald Cup


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