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Cost-Effective Cannabis Products to Buy at the Dispensary

  • Sunday October 4, 2020

You’re not alone if you find your pockets a little light on cash every now and then. The good news is that there’s still plenty of options on what you can buy at your dispensary with just a little bit of cash. We're here with a couple tips that can help you choose the best options for your budget.

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Is Pinterest Shadow Banning Marijuana Companies?

Most social media platforms explicitly prohibit advertising for cannabis companies, even if that company doesn’t touch the plant. In other words, even if you’re only talking about weed, you may be violating the community standards. Let’s take a look at the community standards at Pinterest.

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Is there an Isopropyl Alcohol Shortage?

When COVID-19 took hold in March after panic buyers hoarded all the toilet paper and disinfecting wipes, one of the next items to disappear rapidly from store shelves was isopropyl alcohol. As the pandemic lingers on, shortages of household items like disinfecting wipes remain. But what about ISO?

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Bud & Breakfasts, 420 Friendly Lodging & the COVID-19 Impact

The bud and breakfast concept has slowly but surely gained traction across several United States markets. The 420 friendly lodging space requires significant growth and maturation. However, despite its modest positioning today, several in the cannabis space believe the sector could soon boom.

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CBD & Cytokine Storm: Can Cannabidiol Help with COVID-19?

Symptoms of Coronavirus can range from a mild, dry cough to more serious conditions like Cytokine Storm. However, some have reported that consuming CBD has lessened or even relieved the symptoms of Cytokine Storm. This could have a large impact on recovery rates and health impacts in the future.

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Exploring Alternative Energies Used in the Marijuana Industry

Of all of the new industries springing up in an era of a rapidly changing climate, you would expect the cannabis industry to be at the forefront of going "green." Unfortunately, in most cases, indoor cannabis cultivation is on track to become one of the most energy inefficient industries out there.

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Who Discovered THC?

Cannabis enthusiasts have been arguing for decades about who is responsible for the discovery of THC. Click here to learn more about the history of this euphoric compound and how it actually came to be identified.

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