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Career Highlights/Overview

With over 8 years of cannabis industry experience, Jason Butler is a subject matter expert in directing B2B sales and operations, supported by a career of communicating and anticipating needs. Jason’s colleagues and peers describe him as highly motivated, goal-oriented, organized and driven. He is also a highly ethical person who cares for others.

Throughout his professional career, Jason has strived to make an impact in the businesses he works for and thoroughly enjoys building out well-organized sales and operational initiatives. An expert in relationship-building, Jason has a strong skill set and experience working with decision makers in a business-to-business capacity.


Before working at PotGuide, Jason demonstrated a history of delivering on objectives and driving revenue from $0 to $4MM, even with extremely limited resources. Now, Jason leads PotGuide’s sales efforts and has been working effectively with many new and existing clients.

Jason has direct cannabis industry experience all in leadership roles, with a focus on revenue generation. He loves the small team environment and fueling successes within them through experience, patience, and a genuine curiosity to be an asset within an organization. It takes working in a startup to understand what “scrappiness” is day-to-day, and the vision to align that with long term objectives. Jason thrives in that place.

Through his entrepreneurial endeavors at his company Telescope Mapping, Jason helps guide businesses with strategic planning, business model design and innovation, vision mapping, key metrics analysis, and ideas for growth that leads to success.


Jason graduated from the University of Colorado Denver in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Accounting and Finance.

Fun Facts

In his free-time, Jason enjoys trail running and ultra-marathon running. He is an avid runner and practices regularly to stay in peak shape for competition. Jason has qualified for many things but took pride in recently qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

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