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The Blue Hawaiian is a great looking strain with plenty of red hairs to add on to its marvel. A bit leafy on the outside, but the inside is packed full of sparkly trichomes. The buzz has a great balance of both head and body high, and a beautiful look and smell to match. Personally, the only down side is the medication is not as strong as I usually like. But, there is always a place and time for this type of smoke.


Blueberry x Hawaiian Sativa


Bred by Jordan of the Islands


These flowers are simpy beautiful inside, covered with shiny trichomes and giving wonderful colors - lots of light greens and oranges.


Smells fantastic. Smells of blueberry with a slight bitterness.


Smells fantastic. Smells of blueberry with a slight bitterness.


Uplifting medicine that gets me motivated yet eases my nerves. Very mellow and not too stoney, with a great body medication present as well. The Blueberry provides the relaxing and pain relieving indica and the Hawaiian adds just enough sativa to allow fluid operation during the medicating process.


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