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Sensi Star is a stout plant with large, dark fan leaves — definitely Indica in profile, it produces dense buds that sparkle with trichomes and give off a sharp lemony musk.  Known for high levels of THC, it's popular for crossing with other strains that lack potency.




Created in 1995 by Paradise seeds, it was re-released in 1997 in a more stabilized form, generally producing one of two phenotypes.  It went on to win many awards and become very well-known around the world.


Sometimes it can be sweet and lemony, with notes of eucalyptus — the other tends to be more musky and has a bit of a skunky lemon bite and notes of fuel.


Musky lemon, at times with a putrid sweetness


It does depend on the pheno (there is a more Sativa-leaning pheno), but Sensi Star is known for strong body effects with a touch of head effects to complete the package.  A warm, buzzing, relaxed body combined with a fairly clear mental state make Sensi Star a semi-functional Indica, especially at lighter doses.  Strong eye effects, good muscle tension relief, appetite stimulation, anti-anxiety properties, and sleep aid at higher doses.

Grow Medium

Grows vigorously in soil, hydro, or outdoors in temperate climates.  Vegetative growth of about 14 days from clone is recommended, and it works well in Sea of Green (SOG) setups.


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