Medical marijuana was made legal in Delaware in May of 2011, by the The Delaware Medical Marijuana Act. Title 16- Chapter 49A, as the act is formally known, established a system of patient registry, and allowed for the creation of “compassion centers” (similar to dispensaries in other states, though state-regulated, and not-for-profit), where patients can purchase medicine. 

In 2019, Senate Bill 24 expanded access beyond the original list of qualifying conditions to include any other severe and debilitating conditions for which a doctor recommends cannabis, if special requirements are met. A number of other bills were proposed, but not passed, in the 2019 legislative season and are scheduled to be returned to in 2020. Among them is House Bill 110, or The Delaware Marijuana Control Act, which would legalize adult use, and regulate and tax cannabis in the same manner as alcohol. Currently, cannabis remains illegal for recreational use.