Photo Credit: Chad Sparkes

In November 2016, Florida voters passed the Use of Marijuana for Debilitating Medical Conditions ballot, allowing safe access to medical marijuana to qualifying patients with debilitating conditions. Florida is the first state in the south to adopt proactive measures towards cannabis.

Under the new legislation, those with debilitating medical ailments, determined by a licensed state physician, will be allowed to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Additionally, caregivers will be allowed to register with The Department of Health and assist qualifying patients with their medical use of marijuana.

At this time, no formal regulations have been implemented, but Florida lawmakers are slated with the responsibility of promulgating regulations no later than 6 months from the time of the ballot passing. Additionally, the State of Florida will begin issuing qualifying patient and caregiver identification cards, as well as registering Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers no later than 9 months from the time of the ballot passing.

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