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This cross takes on more of the Haze than the heavily-Indica Herojuana, feeling very spacey and cerebral.


Super Silver Haze x Herijuana/Herojuana (Petrolia Headstash x Outdoor Kentucky Strain) - see also:


This cross is of unknown origin, but Herojuana was originally bred by Motarebel.


Acrid pine-citrus Haze


Slightly piney


Like a wet blanket over the brain, this strain is very Hazy and cerebral, also hitting the eyes very strongly and making them low and red.  It is a strain that the user is very conscious of, at times inducing anxiety in professional situations.  It's spacey and generally slows the mind, which is great for relaxation, but not for any detail-oriented activities.  Very little body presence with this one despite its relaxing 2nd half of the duration.  


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