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I've had similar "stand-up indicas" before, but this one had the most apparent dual effect and was a very welcome surprise - the body relaxation is palpable, but without stupefying intoxication.


Killer New Haven x Petrolia Headstash


Inbred line worked by Steve Tuck of Hill Billy Dreams Seeds in Southern Humboldt circa 2002


Lime green with orange bundles, large dense buds. Lime green with orange bundles, large dense buds with long-stemmed trichomes.


Organic, not very strong smell of pinewood and leaves.


Earthy holiday spice and cedar with a sweet punch on the back


The "creepiest", in fact I experienced a subtle rise for a near half hour before reaching full effect. This one had all of the classic properties of a strong indica (heavy head, eyes & body) and yet I felt the place to be was on my feet. Though I didn't look it, I was able to stay functioning and mentally sharp.


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