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Bruce Banner #3 x Brain OG (Lemon Larry OG x Sour Diesel) aka Snoop's OG or Soul Assassin's OG


Part of the "Banner Collection" bred by Green Dream Health Services in Boulder, Colorado.  The goal of this cross was to bring back some of the more true OG funk taste and smell while maintaining the Bruce Banner potency and increased yield.  Having received the coveted Brain OG (aka Snoop's OG or Soul Assassin's OG) from a long-time friend of Snoop Dog in late 2012, the Green Dream founders knew immediately it was a top candidate for the Banner Collection project.


The structure of the live plant is very OG dominant, stretching and producing relatively few flowering sites per foot of vertical growth.  While the growth is all OG, the flowers themselves are more conical and spear shaped like the Bruce Banner nugs. Large OG calyx/sepal structure remains, as the pictures clearly show.


Lemon, pine dominant.  The Bruce Banner comes through in the dried flower, presenting an earthy mineral component similar to the city after a fresh rain on the pavement.


Very lemon kush dominant, with undertones of earthy soil and minerals.


Hybrid natured with an intense potency from the Bruce Banner #3, the Brainer, as it's often referred to, brings the standard OG body high and laid back head but also adds a good hour or more of a traditional sativa experience as far as energy and vibrance go.

Grow Medium

Any system works but this plant loves height and performs well even at the 6+ feet level.


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