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Unknown, perhaps SFV x OG Kush, or Afghan x Thai genetics


Larry OG is a renowned cut of the famous, OG Kush. It’s origins are in California, along with many other strains in the OG family: Tahoe OG, San Fernando Valley OG, and Ghost OG. In fact, one theory of the history of OG Kush holds that all of these cuts originated from the original strain and perhaps a treasured family heirloom in the woods of Northern California, near Lake Tahoe.

The controversy lies in the authenticity of strains. Yet another claim argues that OG Kush comes from Chem Dog (Chem Dawg) lineage. This would place OG Kush back on the East Coast in Massachusetts. Both of these stories may have a connection even deeper in history though. Chemdog, the breeder, received a couple ounces of spectacular high-grade “chronic” from a couple of Colorado deadheads at the Deer Creek Amphitheatre in Indiana, 1991. The Colorado guys called it “Dog Bud” or “Chem Weed”. Back then, strains didn’t have so many names as they did grades. This was premier cannabis that was different from many types. The Coloradans believe that the weed that chemdog got seeds from was from somewhere on the Oregon, California border. It’s not crazy to believe that the two varietals came from the same mother plant in Northern California. Chemdog ‘91, one of the originals that produced some bag seeds and distributed around the country, has been bred into most popular strains today: Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue #4, Bubba Kush, the list goes on.

If there is an “American strain”, it’s OG Kush. In particular, Larry OG is thought to be the original cut. As a member of, a since discontinued website under speculation of drug distribution, Handle: Larry” cultivated this cut of OG Kush.


Larry OG has bright green clusters of individual buds. In most indoor gardens, the buds don’t form grandiose colas but rather grow up several branches in small groupings with wide node space. Under natural outdoor conditions, OG Kush plants can form massive spherical bushes, resembling fruit or nut trees in less than 8 months


OG Kush has a strong musky, skunk aroma with hints of bleach cleaner and citrus. The conditions for which this strain is grown largely determine the strength of the aroma. Connoisseur shops can be distinguished from the rest by having several authentic OG strains with slightly varied terpene profiles.


To the trained tongue, OG kush flavor is unparalleled and unique among all cannabis varieties. The skunky chemical aroma transfers into flavor among vaporization or smoking and rests on the palate for minutes. Low-moisture flowers may produce a harsher smoke. OG Kush is best consumed nearly fresh after harvesting or with an extremely gradual dry time. Thus, OG is known for its stickiness. Some claim that the grow conditions in California produce superior quality OG Kush, akin to sourdough bread in San Francisco, or a true New York pizza crust.


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