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We've all been there. You get to a dispensary, but don't know exactly how much you should buy -- or even need. Thankfully, cannabis is sold in several preset amounts to make your life a lot easier.

Typically, you'll find options like a gram, an eighth (1/8), a quarter (1/4), a half ounce (1/2) and an ounce. But how much bud is in each one?

It's not that difficult once you learn the basics -- especially because every amount is based off of an ounce measurement. As a result, an "eighth" is an eighth of an ounce, while a "quarter" is a quarter of an ounce. Remember that different strains can produce different looking (and sized) buds, so a true set weight will consequently differ every time you buy!

So how much marijuana is typically in a joint or a bowl? How much weed do I need to buy to get the best price deal?

Know your quantities with this helpful video, then be more prepared the next time you buy at a dispensary! 👀

For more info:

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