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A hearty and quick-flowering variety, it has slender leaves for an Indica-dominant plant and produces a large amount of thick, creamy-orange pistils.  When it's finished, it produces a citrusy aroma with a light skunky backdrop — it's a moderate yielder, but a problem-free type of experience overall, good for beginners.



Surprisingly fresh citrus with a background of skunky musk


Cirtusy and spicy, with a smooth smoke


This strain has a classic effect, mood elevating while also being very relaxing.  The body becomes instantly warm, while the eyelids droop and the eyes fill with pressure.  Recommended for body relaxation, a mental uplift, and minor pain relief.  Depending on phenotype and harvest timing, it can be heavier and more sedative.

Grow Medium

It's an easy plant to grow and responds well to any type of training.  It can get tall in Skunk-dominant phenotypes allowed to veg for a longer period, but otherwise stays fairly bushy, with a lot of side branching.


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