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Orange Juice Bud x Legend OG


Bred by Obsoul33t, a master sure to leave his mark on both the underground his moniker remnds you of and the industry sure to produce copious amounts of his flower, the OJ Legend stems from a pack of seeds gifted in Gaberville, CA in 1988.  One lone male was found...and we thank our lucky stars it was bred to multiple elite clone-only strains.  This particular cross is with Legend OG, one of the heavier OG Kush varietals.


While still possessing the OJB male qualities, the OJ Legend brings more of the traditional OG pinene funk and chemical palette to bare.


The OJ Legend is a bit heavier than the OJ Ghost, and certainly more so than the OJ Diesel.  The samples we've had the opportunity to test leave us feeling the OJ Legend (this pheno at least) is the more OG dominant side of the family, with less OJB terpene effect on the mood and euphoria side of things.  This is a good solid OG hybrid body stone, with a fruity taste as opposed to a cross that has changed the overall characteristic of an OG high.  It reminds us of adding a citrus peel to a really well-crafted pale ale, it's just a tinge of extra flavor (or attitude), not a wholesale change of beer style.


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