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Oh! Zone looks extremely Indica in almost every way, from the dark coloration to the fat trichome heads, and the taste and smell carried that trend through, with a package of spicy, musky, and earthy qualities. We felt that the effects seemed to depend upon context a bit, as a morning review produced more of a moderate Indica hybrid experience, and a later session resulted in a more overt Indica feeling, with only the first 30 minutes to 1 hour feeling energizing or stimulating. The sleep aid properties that ended this experience were perhaps its greatest medical benefit, but the main effects serves to elevate mood a bit while helping with daily aches and tensions. Oh! Zone had a potent start that might be a little much for inexperienced patients, so we'd mark this in the mid-level patient category, primarily for evening use.


UBC Chemo x OG Kush


Bred by Canada's Doctor Greenthumb Seeds


Arrowhead-shaped asparagus green sepals, arranged in tight stacked calyxes, snaked with shocks of rust colored pistils, and above average coverage with short thin-stemmed trichomes with large heads.


Though this isn't an appealing smell in the sense that something fruity or sweet is, it appealed to the Indica-lovers in our staff, who recognized the musky, woody, spicy, earthy aromas it released as harbingers of a traditional type of Indica experience. It was a bit softer and more straight musky with slight pepper notes in the bag/jar, but when ground, it became sharper and a tad garlicky, with hints of pine and a major uptick in pungency level.


Much like the pre-grind smell, the flavor was a spicy, vegetal, and earth-dominant experience, never tasting particularly distinct. The smoke was fairly pleasant and only made us cough on large hits due to expansion. The flavor did degrade to the point where it wasn't pleasurable by the end, but that's fairly standard amongst strains that aren't overtly flavorful from the outset.


The initial effects of this strain, like many, seemed fairly Sativa in nature, serving to awaken us quite a bit just by changing the mental state slightly and causing physical effects in the head, face, and eyes along with the urge to move around in the seat or get up and walk around. We got some typical pressure increase in the facial areas as well as a cascading/waving body effect that was mostly concentrated in the neck, shoulders, and upper torso. An increased heartrate and some spatial distortion had us slightly overwhelmed at times early on, but that cleared up after about 30 minutes. The early energized effect evened out into a relaxing but somewhat cloudy-feeling mental state, where tasks could be accomplished, but tended to move more slowly and deliberately than normal. One reviewer amongst our group who reviewed in the morning hours found it to be not nearly as heavy, and the initial effects seemed to carry the energy level into the 2nd hour — the rest of us had a more short-lived "up" part of the experience. Relaxation builds after the first 1.5 hours or so, culminating in an outright sleepy state as it left us.


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