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A uniquely funky and long-lasting OG Kush hybrid




A pungent cash crop strain that was brought into the Northern California clone only scene from Oregon.  THe most probable parentages are Light of Jah x OG Kush and Jack Herer x OG Kush; with it's pungent aroma somewhat reminiscent of Light of Jah, this parentage is strongly suspected.


Bright green with burnt orange pistils and dense coverage with long, thin stalked trichomes with mid-sized heads.


A strange "garlic bud" almost body odor citrus musk with notes of soil. You don't really get a sense of that muskiness until it's ground, at which point it becomes eye-watering pungent.


Pungent, earthy citrus bite - almost a skunky kush


Feeling a little rushy to start, this strain was a little deceiving — a major rush of warmth and pressure into the eyes and head normally signals the beginning of a Sativa crush, but this one backed off after about 30 minutes and remained relatively calm throughout. Somewhat bleary-feeling eyes remained past the initial potency, but otherwise the effects moved mostly into the body while just providing a sense of calmness and a lazy mood elevation. The lingering effects lasted longer than many strains, but the initial potency was shorter than many… bit of a give and take there.


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