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Set apart by its supremely long duration, its sustained potency, impressive "bag appeal", and distinct pungent sweet citrus reek. Which is capable of competing with the best strains out there.


Grapefruit x Northern Lights/Haze


Bred on Vancouver Island by legendary Canadian breeder, Breeder Steve.  Reportedly, Steve initially thought the parentage was Grapefruit x Big Skunk Korean, but after flowering the seeds, determined that he had mislabeled the male and that it was his Northern Lights/Haze.


A light green with pale orange pistils, dense, stout flowers prone to foxtaililng if harvested late.  Mid-long stemmed small-headed trichomes.


A truly delicious-smelling sample, it broadcasts an actual skunky smell that has a bit of sweetness while in the jar. When broken up, it blows up into a wonderful combination of sweet citrus, soil, and pine that is truly pungent. A top-notch example of both facets of this strain's signature aroma.


Like a piña colada stirred with a pine branch, it was a combination of velvety citrus with a pine twang.


After a short delay, the effects came on strongly — moments of staring off at nothing or deeply thinking about random subjects mingle into what amounts to a rather spacey experience to start. This strain was unique in that it kept up its potency for quite a long time, only dialing down slightly from its heady start as it went on. This I.S.S. became more apparent in the body as the minutes ticked by, relaxing the limbs quite a bit and warding off any aches and pains while maintaining a floaty brand of functionality. With occasional returns of the spaciness, this med provided a relaxing but functional ride that lingered for a really long time, eliminating the desire to re-medicate for nearly 4 hours.


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