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With its distinctive and pungent aroma, it's exceptional trichome coverage, and long-lasting and medicinal effects, Ingrid is truly a winner of a strain. This one would do the trick for almost any type of pain or discomfort, and its relaxing effects were both mentally and physically medicating. It would probably get on top of most patients who aren't heavy users, as even a 0.3g dose was enough to put a veteran into the "overwhelming" range at the onset. Its enduring medicinal-level efficacy was the key component of its high score, as there was almost no drop-off in effects as the 2nd hour elapsed, which is unusual.


Swiss Big Bud IBL


Ingrid was a strain developed from 2000-2007 from a Swiss variety of Big Bud commonly used for hash production, originally appearing in the San Francisco Bay area


 A uniform medium green with huge tall trichomes and pale orange hairs. It had some of the best trich coverage in terms of density and trich head size that we've seen; seems like a true Hashplant. Nicely swelled and bubbly calyxes


Very strange, uncanny, and pungent odor that smells like sweet citrus dog poop. Especially pre-grind, that is all you can think of — it's a weird putrid sweetness with a sharp attack. After it's grind, it got even stronger with a component of herbiness but mostly an acrid musk and the sweet citrus poo smell.


Fortunately it didn't taste like it smelled, and instead produced an ethereal and herby taste with notes of sandalwood with notes of sandalwood that almost reminded us of a Haze. Another interesting trait is the wonderful almost menthol-citrus sweet smell the actual smoke had, as it left the room smelling fragrant. The taste wasn't overt at any point, but the smoke was very pleasing and smooth with no coughing.


Right off the bat, this strain produced a strong experience, with low eyes and a rising warmth that entered the head, face, and eyes (especially the eyes, which were almost burning). It was nearly dizzying, making it a little bit difficult to walk around without getting a little unbalanced or having to take it a little slower than normal. Once the initial attack subsided (about 30-45 minutes), a glorious and medicating body high was the main effect. Superb relaxation throughout the entire body with a good deal of warmth and the urge to stretch and yawn makes this one perfect for relaxing after a day of physical activity. It stayed at medicinal levels well into the 2nd hour and is one of the better body-centric strains we've had recently.


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