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The pleasant and light OG Kush flavor and smell reminded us of the less aggressive branch of that family (Ghost and SFV), while the super-smooth smoking experience was enjoyed by all of the staff, even those who primarily vaporize.  Very potent and medicinal at first, it evolved into a more base relaxation experience after 1.5 hours or so, which led nicely into sleep when consumed at a late hour.  This is a very solid Kush experience… it both mentally clear and relaxing, while also possessing a stereotypical Kush flavor profile — suitable for either daytime or night time use, it provided solid relaxation without causing sluggishness.



Spearhead shaped sycamore green calyxes with dark kelp green accents, formed in tight nodal clusters, with dark copper pistils, and above average density of very short, thick-stalked trichomes with large heads


This sample had a light and spicy Kush scent, carrying a pronounced perfumey, floral hint along with the more standard Kush aromas.  When ground, it got slightly more aggressive and took on a light fuel/chem sharpness that added to the complexity.  This isn't the most pungent sample in the world, but you can smell it sitting in the jar from a good distance… it seems to settle a bit and dissipate quickly once ground though.


Very much like the smell, this was a spicy and soil-heavy OG, with a pleasant and non-aggressive Kush flavor.  The smoke was extremely smooth and not expansive, which made it a highly pleasurable smoking experience, especially for those with respiratory issues or patients who are used to vaporizing.


This strain made us slightly light-headed and made our hearts race to start, serving to wake up the senses a bit and provide some internal energy that sustained at a high level through the first half of the effects.  A strong pulsing throughout the body (especially the legs and feet) along with moderate amounts of eye and temple pressure signaled the rather high potency of the early effects.  As it progressed, the talkative and social mood changed to a much more sedate one, where internal concentration on one thing at a time was high but sociability and multi-tasking ability was low.  As it left, we felt a little bit drained, but the body effects seemed to keep up at a relatively high level until the end.


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