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Very pretty and scoring well in all the bag appeal areas, this strain was totally new to us and provided a balanced Sativa experience that left us feeling positive and fairly functional throughout. Its calming influence went a long way in reducing daily stresses and pains while keeping us fully engaged in the world. The body relaxation likely came from the relatively high CBD ratio for a strain not intended to be a CBD-rich varietal, which was among the highest we've seen — that factor made this strain really feel like a worthwhile hybrid… it's more than just a Sativa. We recommend this to almost any level of patient who seeks mental ease and a positive mood shift while still getting some Indica qualities in the body.


Kryptonite x NYC Diesel


A blend of frosty greens with bright orange pistils, this sample was pretty textbook-looking, but we mean that in the best way possible. Super frosty in spots , the nugs were moderately dense and easy to handle.


Piney sour citrus, like a fresh grapefruit with a backdrop of skunk and a sweetness that seemed to be overwhelmed by the other smells. Relatively pungent, it pretty much retained its same smell in the jar as when it was ground. Seems to be NYCD-dominant, though lacking the actual Diesel smell.


Much like the smell, it was citrus-pine at the front, but the taste had a slightly more acrid quality, edging more towards the "pine cleaner" end of the spectrum and losing the subtle sweetness that was present in the smell — rather pungent-tasting overall.


Hitting the eyes pretty quickly this strain had us feeling immediately a bit spaced-out and sent our vision into a slight tunnel while also creating a buzzing body energy throughout our limbs and torso. The fairly potent start receded somewhat quickly to a more relaxed state where we felt creative and positive, seeking the company of others and only occasionally fumbling around in conversation. The mood elevation was even and constant throughout the experience — one reviewer noticed quite a lot of muscle relaxation later in the duration, where yawning and stretching felt amazing. Clean finish back to a sober state without much of a drained feeling.


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