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The look was simply spectacular, with wonderful structure, texture, solid harvest timing, and that pristine Sativa appearance. The smell matched that Sativa bent, and so did the experience, filling us with a focused energy after a bit of a sledgehammer start. Great for a late day pick-me-up, especially in situations where you need to maintain some semblance of functionality and mental clarity.


Chemdog x Super Silver Haze


This sample had some of our favorite type of structure, that wonderful Sativa that isn't fluffy or wispy but still has some space to breathe, letting the long pistils and calyxes all stand out clearly, even from a distance. A healthy light green with orange-brown pistils, and leaving trichomes all over your hands/grinder.


This sample screamed Sativa to our staff with its blend of sharp citrus combined with hints of the chemical pine/cleaner aroma common in Haze varieties. One reviewer who grinds samples picked up a hint of a body odor funk after grind, which definitely recalled the ChemDawg parentage… otherwise, it seemed to be pure Haze smell-wise. It had a nicely pungent scent when handled but was not overpowering at all.


The first few hits were like flowery lemon soap with hints of the sharp chemical smell bite that was present in the smell. There was an interesting "cool" eucalyptus-like quality to the smoke and flavor that offset the sharp citrus notes well.


A very potent start with welled-up eyes, forehead pressure, a buzzing feeling all around the skull, and a tingly feeling throughout the body… pure Haze feeling off the bat. The initial potency may be a little much for some patients, as it could trend towards the anxious side at times, especially at higher dosages. It was a 'stealth' med for half of our staff, but left the other half's eyes looking glazed-over and low, so it's a dice roll in professional situations. After the strong start, it backed off into a functional and driven energetic state that was moderately social and very clear-feeling throughout. There were some reports of drowsiness after the 2 hour mark, but it wasn't unanimous and might just depend on context/environment.


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