Friday December 30, 2016

By Abby Hutmacher

Ringing in the New Year with Cannabis 420 Culture

2017 is quickly ending which has many of us planning a much-needed New Year’s celebration. Though traditional New Year’s Eve parties involve a plethora of spirits and booze-filled games to fuel the party fire, we think a 420-themed party is the better way to go. Here’s why:

Reasons to choose cannabis over alcohol this New Year’s Eve

There are many reasons to choose cannabis over cocktails this News Year’s Eve, not the least of which is the promise of a hangover-free start to 2018. But those aren’t the only reasons to ring in the new year with a little green. Here are a few other important things that make a pot party so much more attractive than an alcohol-induced one.

  • Less drama/better vibes - Alcohol reduces inhibition which can make social situations easier to be a part of, but also reduces compassion and a so-called “filter” when it comes to what is and isn’t appropriate party convo. This, unfortunately, has been known to lead to hurt feelings, damaged property and a few broken faces and bleeding fists. Rather than risk the drama, choose cannabis party favors to maintain chill vibes and reduce the chance or unwanted drama.
  • Reduced Risk of Damage - People aren’t just more irritable under the influence of alcohol, they’re clumsier, too. This means that anything in the path of a drunk runs the risk of damage. Stoners, on the other hand, move more slowly and generally act more cautious both on the road and at home. Protect your belongings by hosting a 420-themed party instead.
  • Better for your health - Though it’s never considered healthy to inhale combusted substances, consuming cannabis is significantly more healthy than consuming alcohol. Numerous studies ranking drugs by the danger they pose list alcohol as more damaging than cannabis both in terms of personal danger and danger to others.
  • More entertaining media - Whether you'll be watching the ball drop, binging on Netflix or socializing with the in-laws, you'll have way more fun if you're high
  • Better bathroom conditions - Heavy use of alcohol at parties tends to leave the bathroom in a state of disarray (long lines, mystery fluids or random party-goers hugging the toilet, for example), but not when Mary Jane is the party host! Guests will be in better control of their bodies and not have to pee every 20 minutes. Win-win.
  • Lower calorie intake - All alcohol contains calories which means the more you drink, the higher your calorie consumption. If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, you’ll have farther to go after a night of binge drinking. Save yourself the calories and boost your metabolism by toking on some ganja instead.
  • Better sex - Cannabis heightens sensations and facilitates bonds between individuals. Though roughly one-third of cannabis consumers claim to dislike sex during a high (often due to a heightened sense of self-awareness), most cannabis consumers claim to enjoy the experience more while stoned. For those who don’t like the sensations of being high during sex (but still want to experience “heightened pleasure”), cannabis-infused sensual oils work locally with amazing results.
Happy New Year!

Activities for Your Stoner Party

What’s a New Year’s Eve party without activities to hold everyone over throughout the night? Check out some tips to keep everyone entertained.

  • Music - Cannabis blurs the lines between senses which takes music to a whole new level. Keep guests entertained with music on the stereo or television, or bust out a few guitars, banjos and harmonicas to get the party going full swing.
  • Movies/comedy - Keep the mood light and the laughter flowing by putting on a few comedy movies or stand-up routines. Stoners love to laugh so why not give them something to laugh about?
  • Games - Whether you prefer board games, card games or video games, the challenges are much more fun (and less likely to end in an up-turned game board or flying controller) when the players are already primed for a good time with the help of marijuana.
  • Arts and crafts - Stock up on modeling clay, gather adult coloring books and Pinterest your favorite DIY stoner projects to inspire creativity (and busy hands) at your next 420-friendly gathering.
  • Food - Don’t forget the food! Because cannabis tends to cause the munchies, we suggest keeping plenty of tasty treats available for the taking (lest your friends take an impromptu trip to Taco Bell and forget to return).

No matter what your reason for celebrating this New Year’s Eve, make it one to remember (sort of) by hosting a 420-themed party instead of a boozy one. We promise you’ll be glad you did.

Do you prefer marijuana to alcohol? Tell us why in the comments below.

Abby Hutmacher Abby Hutmacher

Abby is a freelance writer and founder of Cannabis Content, a marketplace where marijuana enthusiasts can create and sell digital content to businesses in the cannabis industry. Follow Cannabis Content on Facebook and Twitter, or visit to learn more.

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