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By Tyler Terps

This Sunday, Go to Hash Church 420 Culture

For millions of people across the world, Sundays are a day of religious worship. Similarly, hash makers, cannabis growers, activists, and patients of the plant gather on the internet to listen, share stories, and indulge in the world of cannabis resins. Hosted by Marc “BCBubbleman” Richardson, the ever-growing group of rotating panelists on Hash Church is highlighted by people across the world who have dedicated their lives and careers to cannabinoids, cannabis, and hash.

How Hash Church Began

The show began on September 28th, 2014 with Bubbleman and a cast of other enthusiasts who saw the link through social networks, talked cannabis while smoking hash together -- virtually. Since then, Hash Church has usually taken place on Sunday’s at 9am PST on with the same ideas still implemented. As we’ve seen the show advance over time, a more regular group of panelists have joined the show. This exchange of knowledge is rooted in a Facebook group that helps the panel find new topics to discuss in the next episode, and to address community member's questions, almost like a hash support group.

Topics of Conversation

The topics that are discussed range from addressing mold growing on plants, contaminants left behind in extracts, and the proper material to vaporize cannabis resins off of. There’s no set schedule, yet the available special guests and participating panelists initiate certain conversations that pertain to their relevant interests. Among notable panelists are activists like Todd McCormick, who has played a role in the making of both documentaries The Union: The Business Behind Getting High and The Culture High, and has been a longtime patient of the plant. On the production end of things, dry sift extraction wizard, Cuban Grower, always brings his award winning knowledge of using micron screens to isolate the heads of the resins through a solventless technique. Tony Verzura has experience with both the scientific and business side of the industry, often bringing guests in to contribute as well. The more recent episodes have been laced with chemistry knowledge from Dr. Mark Scialdone, who brings years of research and applies it with a deep passion for cannabis, often explaining the science behind cannabinoids or similar topics.

Grape Ape Wax
Grape Ape Wax
Grape Ape Wax
Grape Ape Wax

The special guests that have shared their knowledge and stories represent the nature of Hash Church by taking on talking points that troubles medical marijuana patients across the country. One of the larger names that has graced the Hash Church stage is Dr Lester Grinspoon, having authored many famed pieces of cannabis literature like Marijuana Reconsidered, and possesses a long list of accomplishments that weave in and out of the world of cannabis. Author Robert Connell Clarke has penned his own list of required reading concerning cannabis horticulture, and has shown up for intriguing talking points on a few different installments of the show. When the at home solventless dab technique known as flower rosin came to light, Instagram user @SoilGrown appeared to be at the helm, and showed up to discuss his early pressing protocol for an episode too. Aside from trading shop tricks, Hash Church takes on serious discussions revolving around the medicinal value of cannabis. Jessica Hawkins stops in to share her daughter Nia’s story who suffers from Dravet Syndrome. Before being treated with cannabis oil, her daughter suffered nearly 400 seizures a day. However, just a little bit of cannabis oil gave her the drive to get out of her wheelchair, go four days without a seizure, and speak for the first time.

The conversations had and stories shared on Hash Church are what sets the cannabis industry apart alcohol or tobacco, being that the main goal is to progress the fine tunings of the plant's resins as medicine. The meshing of different cultures, locations, and available strains at an accessible level on a weekly basis is unmatched anywhere else in the realm of marijuana themed podcasts. Large cannabis events that happen to fall on Sundays are usually the location for a portion of the panel during an episode, like the High Times Cannabis Cups for example. Sharing extraction techniques in this way showcases Hash Church's contributions to the scientific end of the cannabis community and makes the end product safer for the consumer.

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