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Cannabis culture and music festivals go hand in hand, resulting in an environment of collaboration, community and open mindedness. Attending a music festival can be an enlightening experience, full of interactions with like-minded people and an unrestricted outlook on life. Such experiences can produce healing effects on the mind and body, making music festivals some of the most cathartic events on the planet.

Akin to the culture surrounding cannabis, music festivals have the unique ability to create shared experiences and empowerment through community.

In a similar way people come together to vote for progressive marijuana reform (as evidenced in the sweeping trend of marijuana legalization across the United States), many people come together at music festivals to advocate for change across the world. To help you gain a better understanding of the benefits of music festivals and community engagement, let’s take a closer look into one of Colorado’s most popular festivals, the ARISE Music Festival.

Advocating Progress and Creating Change

Much like the cannabis industry advocates for change surrounding current social injustices (most notably the illegality of cannabis and all the issues that stem from it), music festivals also advocate for the betterment of current problems happening in society.

Music Festival
Music festivals have the unique ability to bring people together and promote change. photo credit

On top of the amazing experience music festivals provide to attendees, some are making an extra effort to reinforce communal goals and values to create a wholesome experience. ARISE Music Festival, located in Loveland, CO from August 3-5, is doing just that. Going beyond the music, ARISE Music Festival attracts people from across the country with a different kind of music festival experience. Attendees of ARISE gain access to an enlightening experience, including music, yoga, camping, healing villages and much more.

ARISE Music Festival Overview

If you’re unfamiliar with ARISE or what they’re all about, the first thing you need to understand is that this is not your average music festival. Sure, the musical lineup is killer, but there’s so much more happening at ARISE to get excited for.

A Different Kind of Festival Experience

Paul Bassis, Co-Founder/Producer for ARISE Music Festival made things clear when he told PotGuide that ARISE is a music festival like none other. He stressed that while they’re certainly proud of the star-studded lineup they’ve organized, there is so much more to experience at ARISE. Here are just a few of the things beyond music that attendees can take part in:

One of our favorite aspects about ARISE is the way it incorporates so many aspects of community and culture. It’s safe to say that many of the activities happening at ARISE would be well-suited for those who enjoy cannabis as well.

Making a Difference

Another great aspect about the ARISE Music Festival is its dedication to “going green.” Large gatherings of people often result in a fair amount of waste left behind – but not at ARISE. They incorporate several environmentally friendly components to the festival, making it a leave-no-trace event. Here are some of the awesome initiatives they’re taking to help reduce environmental impact:

Going Green at ARISE

  • A tree planted for every ticket sold
  • No plastic water bottles for sale
  • Compost and waste program
  • Bio-diesel fuel to power stages and lighting
  • Printed materials are all done with 100% post-consumer recycled paper and soy based inks
  • Locally sourced vendors and food trucks with a stress on organic products

In addition to the extensive “green” efforts, ARISE is also making an effort to advocate for change through registering voters. After all, when people come together to vote, great things can happen. We wouldn’t have legal cannabis without the power of voting, either!

To help encourage people to get out and vote for change, ARISE has teamed up with HeadCount and New Era Colorado for their Democracy Rocks campaign. Voter registration stations will be set up throughout the festival grounds, encouraging people to register before the upcoming elections.

Coming Together

As we’ve touched upon earlier, ARISE is all about healing through community – which is one of the main staples of cannabis culture as well.

Click the image above to check out the official ARISE announce video! ARISE Music Festival

Coming together to break down stereotypes and educate people on the healing benefits is one of the most common goals shared among the cannabis community. Because of all the shared synergies between music festivals and cannabis, it’s not surprising to see a strong presence of cannabis sponsors (like PotGuide) at the ARISE Music Festival.

Like many of the other cannabis sponsors, we’re honored to promote the values that ARISE holds near and dear and helping to promote an even stronger sense of community and social progress.

There’s also a strong CBD presence at ARISE, promoting the medicinal values of the cannabinoid and further promoting natural healing. There’s even a Hemp Village this year at ARISE where people can learn about the benefits of hemp and CBD


All in all, ARISE Music Festival is creating a wholesome experience for people from all walks of life to come together and experience something beautifully unique. Community and personal empowerment are some of the major aspects of the enlightening experience ARISE hopes to offer people, making it a must-attend event for anyone looking to expand their minds, make a difference and collaborate with others.

We truly believe every cannabis consumer could benefit from attending ARISE Music Festival and we hope to see some of you there! If you decide to come, be sure to keep an eye out for PotGuide team members. We’d love to say high!

Have you ever been to a music festival before? What are some of your favorite memories?

Photo Credit: Anthony DELANOIX (license)

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