How to Warm People Up to the Idea of Cannabis

  • Saturday January 19, 2019

The recent cannabis legalization trend has many new consumers trying marijuana for the first time. But some people are still on the fence. Learn how to bring up cannabis and open the minds of marijuana naysayers with our helpful guide!

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The 2018 Farm Bill and Hemp: What Does Legalization Mean for CBD?

The 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law by President Trump in December of 2018, effectively legalizing hemp and CBD across the United States. However, not everyone is on board with the new laws. Learn about the restrictions that could limit the legal hemp and CBD market and why the FDA believes CBD is still illegal.

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420 Culture

How to Have a No-Hangover New Year's With Cannabis

With every New Year comes plenty of partying, and the end of 2018 will be no different. This year, wake up to 2019 hangover free with the help of cannabis! Learn about ways you can include marijuana in your New Year's celebrations and start 2019 off with a bang (or bong)!

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The Top Cannabis Friendly Ski Towns in Colorado

Many skiers and snowboarders are fans of cannabis. But what are the most cannabis friendly ski resorts? To help answer this question, we decided to round up some of our favorite Colorado ski towns. Keep reading to see if your go-to spot made the list!

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Ways to Combat a Foggy Marijuana High

After consuming cannabis, some people experience difficulty remembering things or having a clear mind. Check out some quick tips to help combat a foggy marijuana high and have a memorable cannabis experience!

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White or Gray: Does Ash Color Determine Quality Cannabis?

The "ash test" has been a determining factor for quality cannabis for quite some time, but does ash color actually indicate whether marijuana is good or not? Many cannabis consumers have debated whether white or gray ash is important in cannabis. Find out the truth as we explore this concept in more detail.

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