What to Do if You Eat Too Many Cannabis Edibles

  • Thursday March 21, 2019

Most cannabis consumers have had an overwhelming experience with edibles at least once. But for new consumers, eating too many edibles can be a harrowing event, leaving them unwilling to try marijuana again. Learn how to properly dose your edibles to avoid negative experiences and find out what to do if you end up getting too high on edibles.

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Are Some Vape Cartridges Contaminated by Heavy Metals and Lead?

Recent news out of California has fans of cannabis vape cartridges questioning whether or not they want to inhale heavy metals in their marijuana products. Lead has surfaced in several CCELL cartridges, which are arguably the most popular brand on the market. Learn more about this issue and if it will be a problem moving forward.

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420 Culture

Esports, Professional Gaming and Cannabis: An Overview

Professional gaming and Esports are quickly becoming popular among tons of people. How is cannabis culture intertwined in this new trend? Learn more about the connection between cannabis and pro gaming and how their relationship will progress in the future.

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Exploring the Medical Benefits of CBD

CBD is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Take a closer look into the cannabinoid CBD, some of its more prominent healing effects and the key differences between cannabis-derived and hemp-derived CBD products.

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Just How Resilient Are Cannabis Plants?

Cannabis plants have been growing on Earth for thousands of years. Over time, marijuana plants have developed a strong resiliency toward many physical and environmental stressors. Learn more about just how resilient cannabis plants really are and how much stress they can take before breaking.

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