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“Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom” premiers on CNBC

  • Sunday January 4, 2015

Just a heads up that CNBC is premiering a one hour documentary tomorrow, January 5th that revisits the Colorado marijuana industry one year into recreational sales. They are covering some interesting topics, including the black market export of pot to other states, marijuana use in the workplace, the popularity of edibles and more.

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420 Culture

Nikka T of Essential Extracts: An Interview, Pt. 2

When people think of solventless hash, the name Nick Tanem, otherwise known as Nikka T, might come to mind. He fore-fronted the solventless bubble hash game in Colorado. He wanted to take hash to another level that he, himself, could enjoy as well as selling a safe extract to the cannabis market.

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Are European Countries Starting to Legalize Weed?

Most of Europe follows the German model, where medical marijuana is legal and its consumption and possession decriminalized. There are a few holdouts where cannabis remains illegal and criminalized. Some countries do allow adult use. Discover what countries are most cannabis friendly or not.

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The Best Cannabis Strains for Focus and Clarity

Did you know that people use cannabis for motivation? It's true! There are many marijuana strains that are great for focus and clarity. Keep reading to learn more about the best cannabis strains for productivity.

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THC Potency Caps: A Closer Look

Legalization may be passed in some states for MED and REC, but a new type of prohibition could be on the horizon – THC potency limits. It’s a popular topic among lawmakers, scientists, and those in the cannabis industry overall. At what potency do they want to cap THC levels at and why?

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How to Create Better Hybrid Cannabis Strains

It seems like every week some hot new strain is hitting the dispensary shelf. Some are good, some not so much. This can be a little daunting for the cannabis breeder that is just getting started. PotGuide has some tips on breeding cannabis and making them stand out and be genetically stable.

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