Tuesday May 30, 2017

By Michael Walters

420 Culture

Chop, trate, terps? Welcome to the wide world of marijuana culture and the vast collection of slang that accompanies it. Just like any other segment of culture, the cannabis sector is no stranger to a set of patois and shortened words. In fact, because of the long-time illegal status of marijuana and necessity to use code or cover words when speaking about it, one could argue that the cannabis community has one of the richest and most extensive compilations of slang words out there.

If you’ve ever found yourself confused or lost in the conversation because of slang usage, this article is for you. We’re breaking down some of the most common marijuana slang terms so that you can be prepared for your next sesh – and maybe incorporate a few new words into your vocabulary.


Why Marijuana Slang is Necessary

Before we can dive into some of the slang terms that are used in the marijuana community, it is important to understand why slang has been promulgated so extensively within cannabis culture. The answer lies with prohibition and, as stated above, the illegal nature of cannabis in many states.

Only recently have states like Colorado and Oregon passed laws legalizing cannabis, meaning marijuana enthusiasts in the past – and current consumers living in prohibition states – needed a way to communicate with each other about engaging in the substance.

Enter slang, the perfect way to communicate a message to those in the know, and keep pesky law enforcement none the wiser.

Of course, as popularity of certain slag terms grew, new ones had to be invented to maintain discretion. This explains part of the reason why there are so many slang terms related to marijuana. The other part, of course, is because making up slang is fun – particularly in a group setting or smoke session.

Stoner friends have been making up unique words for cannabis since the dawn of the first rotation. And while not every marijuana slang term is common to every stoner, what’s awesome is the culture behind them. Sharing inside slang terms amongst a group of friends creates a special bond, and is a big reason why the cannabis community has such a tight-knit culture. Enough about the details though, let’s get down to the fun part – talkin’ some slang!

Marijuana Slang Terms

Here is our list of marijuana slang terms. Now, this is not a complete or all-encompassing list by any means (that would be impossible), just a hand-picked selection of some of our favorite slang terms that are pretty common in the marijuana community.

420 - A term used to describe marijuana or marijuana culture. 4/20 (April 20th) is also known as the primary holiday for cannabis enthusiasts.

“Hey man are you 420-friendly?
Spliff - A marijuana cigarette rolled with both cannabis and tobacco.

“I don’t care for spliffs because of the tobacco in them.”
Joint, “J”, Doob, Doobie, Bone - Terms used to describe a rolled marijuana cigarette.

“Let’s roll up a joint and burn it down!”
Wrap - Refers to a blunt wrap. A wrap is a cigarillo broken down to be used for rolling a marijuana blunt.

“Grab a wrap and I’ll roll us a fat blunt.”
Chop, Toke - Words used to describe the act of smoking marijuana.

“Do you want to come chop with me? I just got an eighth of Sour Diesel.”
Spark - The act of lighting up a bowl, joint, blunt or any other marijuana-smoking apparatus.

“Spark that bowl up and pass it over here.”
Example of sparking a bowl of marijuana.
Terps - Shortened from the word, terpene, terps refers to the flavor and aroma compounds found in trichomes.

“The lemon terps in this concentrate are superb, my hit tasted like straight citrus!”
Mids - Marijuana that is sub-par or mid-grade. Mids are generally not desired by cannabis consumers.

“I’m going to have to pass on this flower, it looks like mids.”
Brick - Low-quality marijuana that is densely packed down to resemble a brick-like appearance. Brick weed often comes from the cartel and has been less common in the United States since some states have legalized recreational and medical marijuana.

“These nugs are super flattened, this must be brick weed.”
Schwag - Referring to the lowest-quality cannabis. Most cannabis consumers would not smoke schwag.

“Gross, I’m not smoking that schwag. It looks and smells terrible.”
Dank, Gas, Flame, Fire - Referring to high-quality cannabis that is superior to other varieties.

“This weed is fire, I’m already super high off of only two hits.”
Trate - Shortened version of the word, concentrate, trate refers to any form of concentrated marijuana products.

“Let’s dab some trate!”
Claim - A shortened word for reclaim, claim is the collection of concentrate residue built up inside a rig used for dabbing.

“Wow, your rig has a lot of claim in it. You might want to clean it soon!”
Sesh - Shortened for session, sesh refers to consuming marijuana with friends.

“Hey we just got some new trate and flower, want to come sesh for a bit?”
Cashed - Describing a bowl that is no longer smokeable.

“Let’s pack another bowl, this one is cashed.”
Zip, Zone, Lid - Terms describing one ounce of marijuana.

“Hey how much for that zip of Bruce Banner?”
Shake - A term used to describe the crumbles of marijuana found at the end of a bag. Shake is often discounted in retail or medical marijuana dispensaries.

“Come check out our specials on shake today.”
Trim - Any unwanted plant material that is cut off after harvest. Trim can include fan leaves and sugar leaves from the marijuana flower.

“This trim is super frosty, I’m going to make some edibles with it.”
Baked, blazed, chopped, stoned - Terms used to describe the feeling of being extremely high on marijuana.

“I can’t smoke anymore, I’m too blazed from that blunt we smoked earlier.”
Hot Box - The practice of smoking marijuana in an enclosed space to trap in all the smoke.

“Let’s hot box your house until we can’t see each other through the haze.”

Put Your Marijuana Slang to Good Use

Now that you have learned about marijuana slang and some of the words used by cannabis consumers, get out there and put it to use! Try incorporating some new slang at your next smoke-sesh, or better yet, make up some new words of your own! You never know what will catch on and become a regular term.

Do you use slang for marijuana? Comment your slang words and meaning below for a chance to have your word featured in our post!

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