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Sunday April 24, 2022

By Erin Hiatt

Image of a Puffco Peak Pro water piece that is black with red hue and hand holding and cellphone with a red ring and settings for the device. 420 Culture

Picking up a sack of weed isn’t the same as picking up a six-pack. There are a few basic tools and necessities you will always need to make a smoke session a success. From something to smoke out of to something to burn it with, smoking weed will always require more than just the plant. Here at PotGuide, we’ve dug up all the coolest stoner gadgets to up your consumption game.

Aside from the basics like lighters, rolling papers or a piece of glass, there are some pretty cool weed gadgets out there for the marijuana enthusiast in us all. For those who are looking to get their hands on some of the best stoner accessories, these could be just what you're looking for.

Get Yourself an Awesome Rolling Tray

Image of an oak colored rolling tray with grooves for white papers, green grinders, and pre-rolled joints.
Rolling trays are a staple for all stoners to keep the weed in one place while rolling a joint. photo credit

If you like to roll your own, a rolling tray is a must-have stoner gadget. Rolling trays are perfect because they’re made for the purpose with flat bottoms and raised sides to keep your herb in your joint and off of the floor. Better yet, you can get them from basic to custom, making it easy to find one that suits your personal style.

The Ultimate Storage Solution

STASHLOGIX has created a stash box that's perfect for storing all of your marijuana accessories. Featuring a combination lock seal, a design that keeps odor in, a customizable interior and your choice of three size options, STASHLOGIX is the logical choice for safe, convenient marijuana storage. Keep one at home and in the car for those on-the-go smoke sessions.

Leave No Scent Behind

Speaking of odor, do you sometimes need to keep that weed smell under wraps? Check out the Smoke Eater, Smoke Odor Eliminator. This tea tree oil formulation is perfect for any fabric that might hold onto strong scents like cigarette smoke, mold and even (heaven forbid) skunk spray. Another company to check out is Cannabolish, with a collection of sprays, candles, and gels.

Your Own Personal Air Filter

An image of two smoke buddys, a white and green one, that are plastic with a black spiral cord on the side to hold on a lid to the top. The background is vibrant neon grean with dark green foliage and gold pot leaves.
Keep your smoke undetectable with a Smoke Buddy that filters cannabis smoke. photo credit

Sometimes, you need to keep the smell of cannabis smoke to yourself. At times like these, the Smoke Buddy comes in very handy. Using a carbon filter to trap the smoke inside, the Smoke Buddy will let you sneak a few hits at the family reunion with no one being the wiser.

Puffco Peak Pro

If you are looking to step up your dabbing game, look no further than the Puffco Peak Pro. Whether you are a cannaseur, looking to dial in your exact temperature that is monitored by their Bluetooth app or a beginner to concentrates, looking for the perfect first time experience, the Peak Pro provides seamlessly smooth smoke filtered by water. This heady piece lights up with customized colors and also comes with a wireless charging dock that duals as a battery bank for your other devices when on the go.

Grow Systems with a Smart Design

Plug n’ plant grow system Leaf makes cultivating your own cannabis as easy as picking up your smartphone. Designed to constantly monitor your fully-enclosed marijuana grow and adjust the environment accordingly, this automated home grow tent will make a master grower out of anyone. Track your plant’s environmental conditions instantly from your mobile device or show off your grow to friends from thousands of miles away by switching to the live view.

Time to Grind

A hand with dark purple nail polish manicure is holding out a grey, metal grinder with dark army green weed ground down inside the container.
Weed lasts much longer when it ground down in a grinder verses breaking it down with your hands. photo credit

Every stoner needs a good grinder, and not just for grinding bud evenly. Grinders can also act as storage and as kief catcher, ensuring you get access to all the cannabinoid goodness of your herb. Grinders are available in 2 to 5 pieces and can be very cheap and generic, or very expensive and high-quality, depending on your personal needs and budget.

Get Yourself a Classy Doob Tube

No one likes to pull a sad, bent, and crushed joint from the pocket. But get yourself a Carrycase Keychain from Sackville & Co. and you’ll never have to straighten a joint again. What appears to be a nice keychain is actually a smell proof, long-lasting doob tube; just unscrew the top and slip your doob inside. Bonus: reusable doob tubes are much better for the environment.

The Double Whammy

The Knockout is a combo beer bong and joint holder designed to give you the best of both worlds, and in a hurry. There are multiple ways to use the Knockout, including as a gravity bong or water pipe. Or, you could try the ultimate Knockout challenge by shotgunning a beer then immediately following it up with a nice long rip from the pipe/joint holder. Check out this video if you want to see the Knockout in action.

Lucky for you, we’ve thought about this before and have put our two cents in this handy dandy gift guide. From grinders and vaporizers to storage, you’re sure to find a cool weed gadget for the canna-enthusiast in your life.

The Dipper Vaporizer

Two Dipper Vaporizers lying on a white background, one is silver and one is dark charcoal grey. They are set up with their dab straw with a white tip facing, a button to heat, and a black mouth piece on the other end.
The Dipper functions as a 2-1 dab pen and dab straw. photo credit

Flower is easy to take on hikes, but dabbers have far fewer options when it comes to taking their favorite shatter, rosin, or wax on the go. Dip Devices created the Dipper Vaporizer to get that elevated high without the torch and rig. The vaporizer is set up with a Quartz Crystal Atomizer to pack and go with your choosing of concentrate which provides you with a true rig-like hit. The Dipper can also attach a dab straw to the bottom to smoke straight from the extract container. Be careful with this second function as it can be easier to smoke more than intended.

What are your favorite stoner tools? We’d love to hear about them.

Photo Credit: Puffco


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