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By Abby Hutmacher

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Now that marijuana is legal in many parts of the nation, what better way to celebrate the freedom to consume cannabis than by throwing a marijuana-themed dinner party for all of your 420-friendly adult friends.

To throw a successful cannabis-themed party, you'll need to do more than preroll a few joints and clean out the bong. Proper planning will allow you to set up the whole environment accordingly and give your guests the best possible experience.

Set up your party

It is vitally important that those with access to marijuana be at least 21 years old. If there is any chance that minors will be present, then all marijuana activities will need to be behind closed (and locked) doors. Commonly referred to as the "Medicine room", "smoking lounge" or the "VIP room", this area should hold all products that either contain cannabis or are used in conjunction with it. This includes pipes, bongs, rigs, rolling papers and medically-infused edibles in addition to your favorite strains.

The smoking lounge should also be equipped with plenty of comfortable seating, low lighting and calming background music. Also be sure to provide water and finger foods, and perhaps even a few candles or fresh flowers to help tame the scent of burnt marijuana.

I also recommend stocking your bathroom with standard stoner products like single-serving eye drops, lotions and mints to accommodate guests and make them feel welcome.

Finally, remember to provide activities for your guests such as musical instruments, puzzles and captivating pieces of artwork. This will not only help keep your guests busy when they're not smoking, but can serve as excellent ice breakers for guests who may not already know each other.

Plan your party favors

One of the most important ingredients for a successful marijuana party is, well, marijuana. When planning party favors, make sure to include different strains of cannabis (indicas, sativas and hybrids) in addition to tools through which to smoke them. Presenting clean pipes, bongs and rigs, and offering sanitary wipes after each use will also be appreciated!

Depending on your budget, you could pre-roll a number of joints, offer up your stash along with your paraphernalia so that people can help themselves when need be or have your guest bring their favorite strain to add to the mix.

Last but not least, remember to provide plenty of lighters. Chances are that most will be gone by the evening's end, so it's important to have a few extras just in case. Better yet, make it a memory by customizing lighters for your guests to bring home. You can order some online or make your own using your favorite images (or text) and clear packing tape.

Create a selection of marijuana-infused edibles

Your local dispensary will have a number of edible options, but you can make your own, too. All you'll need is some weed and lipids (like butter or cooking oil) to infuse your marijuana into.

After drying and toasting your marijuana, allow it to simmer for a few minutes, sometimes up to an hour or more. Just be careful not to overheat the marijuana lest you burn out the THC. The Mota Pot can help make the process easier by removing uncertainties about time and temperature requirements.

Finally, use oil in any standard recipe to create cannabis-infused baked goods. Remember that temperatures over 350 degrees can cause the Cannabinoids to burn up. When cooking with cannabis, try to keep temperatures low and increase cook time when need be.

Non-medicated foods that can improve your high

Chances are that your guests will develop an insatiable appetite at some point throughout the evening, so it's important to provide non-medicated foods, too. And, though traditional party foods like veggie trays and finger foods would certainly suffice, there are some foods you can serve that could actually improve a marijuana high.

One of the most common foods people consume to help their high are mangos. This is because mango (and apricot) contains the chemical compound myrcene terpenes which assist THC through the blood brain barrier. Other foods you might add to your selection include healthy fats like nuts or coconut oil to improve THC absorption; broccoli, sage and bay leaves which are bronchodilators to help open up airways; or pepper and Vitamin E which can help reduce cannabis-induced anxiety.

Hire a party planner

Sometimes, the stress of planning and hosting a party – especially one that involves marijuana consumption – can be a bit too much to handle gracefully. Fortunately, there are many party planning service options in Colorado that can help.

No matter what the budget, chances are you’ll find an event package to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking to entertain a small group of people for a few hours or wanting to wine and dine (and toke with) the masses, Colorado’s emerging industry is equipped with a party planner to fit your needs.

Cultivating Spirits, for example, offers a number of dinner party options which can be held either in your place, their venue or their restaurant. They can serve food from their own menu or cook up whatever you request, and will serve your guests so you don’t have to.

There are even cannabis friendly wedding planning services like the ones provided by CannaBride. For those who want to share their love of weed alongside their love for each other, these services can make the whole thing happen. From helping find the perfect venue and lodging to scheduling bud and edible tastings, if a weed wedding is your thing, you can have it in Colorado!

What better way to celebrate your freedom this Independence Day than to host a cannabis friendly dinner party? If you’ll be in Colorado this Fourth of July and want to celebrate your freedom with friends, then use these tips to host the best 420 friendly dinner party for your crowd.

Got advice for planning a marijuana-friendly party? We’d love to hear about it.

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Abby Hutmacher Abby Hutmacher

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