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Sunday April 17, 2022

By Paul Barach

Image of a group of friends sharing a joint and playing guitar. 420 Culture

The greenest of non-Irish holidays is upon us! It’s 420, and this year, why not go all out and throw a 4/20-themed party for all of your 4/20-friendly adult friends.

To throw a successful 420-themed party, you'll need to do more than preroll a few joints and clean out the bong. Proper planning will allow you to set up the whole environment accordingly and give your 420-themed party guests the best possible experience.

Set Up Your 420-Themed Party

Image of two women, one with blonde hair and one with brown, wearing flower crowns and smoking a joint together.
Stock up for your 4/20 party with papers, edibles and your favorite strains to roll up. photo credit

It is vitally important that those with access to marijuana at your 420-themed party be at least 21 years old. If there is any chance that minors will be present, then all marijuana activities will need to be behind closed (and locked) doors. Wedge a towel under the door just to be safe.

Commonly referred to as the "medicine room", "smoking lounge" or the "VIP room", this area should hold all products that either contain cannabis or are used in conjunction with it. This includes pipes, bongs, rigs, rolling papers and medically-infused edibles in addition to your favorite strains.

The smoking lounge at your 420-themed party should also be equipped with plenty of comfortable seating, low lighting and a dope 420-themed playlist. Also be sure to provide water and finger foods, perhaps even incense or candles to help tame the scent of burnt marijuana.

We also recommend stocking your bathroom with standard stoner products like single-serving eye drops, lotions and mints to accommodate guests and make them feel welcome at your 420-themed party.

Finally, remember to provide activities for your guests such as musical instruments, games and captivating pieces of artwork. This will not only help keep your guests busy when they're not smoking, but can serve as excellent ice breakers for guests at your 420-themed party who may not already know each other.

Plan Your 420 Party Favors

View from above of a pair of hands holding three jars of weed with green cannabis nuggets inside.
Having a selection of sativa, indica, and hybrid weed is important to make sure no one's needs are excluded. photo credit

One of the most important ingredients for a successful 420-themed party is, well, marijuana. When planning party favors, make sure to include different strains of cannabis (indicas, sativas and hybrids) in addition to tools through which to smoke them. Presenting clean pipes, bongs and rigs, and offering sanitary wipes after each use will also be appreciated!

Depending on the budget for your 420-themed party, you could pre-roll a number of joints, offer up your stash along with your paraphernalia so that people can help themselves when need be or have your guest bring their favorite strain to add to the mix.

Last but not least, remember to provide plenty of lighters. Chances are that most will be gone by the evening's end, so it's important to have a few extras just in case. Better yet, make it a memory by customizing lighters for your guests to bring home. You can order some online or make your own using your favorite images (or text) and clear packing tape.

Have a Selection of Edibles at Your 420-Themed Party

Your local dispensary will have a number of edible options, but you can make your own, too. Guests at your 420-themed party will appreciate the extra effort! All you'll need is some weed and lipids (like butter or cooking oil) to infuse your marijuana into.

After drying and toasting your marijuana, allow it to simmer for a few minutes, sometimes up to an hour or more. Just be careful not to overheat the marijuana lest you burn out the THC. The Mota Pot can help make the process easier by removing uncertainties about time and temperature requirements.

A sheet of white parchment paper displays a batch of chocolate chip cookies surround by green cannabis buds, a rolling pin, a spoon, towel, and spoon.
Whether you buy edibles are the dispensary or make them yourself make sure they are labeled. photo credit

Finally, use oil in any standard recipe to create cannabis-infused baked goods. Remember that temperatures over 350 degrees can cause the cannabinoids to burn up. When cooking with cannabis, try to keep temperatures low and increase cook time when need be.

Be sure to cook your edibles a couple hours before your 420-themed party so that your place has time to air out.

Non-Medicated Foods That Can Improve Your 420-Themed Party

Chances are that 420-themed party guests will develop an insatiable appetite at some point throughout the evening, so it's important to provide non-medicated foods, too. And, though traditional party foods like veggie trays and finger foods would certainly suffice, there are some foods you can serve at your 420-themed party that could actually improve a marijuana high.

One of the most common foods people consume to help their high are mangos. This is because mango (and apricot) contains the chemical compound myrcene, a terpene which assists THC through the blood brain barrier.

An assortment of different appetizer foods like white brie, sliced Italian meats, black olives, fruits and vegetables displayed on wooden plates.
Make sure you have other food that is not infused with cannabis because your guests will surely get the munchies. photo credit

Other foods you might add to your 420-themed party selection include healthy fats like nuts or coconut oil to improve THC absorption; broccoli, sage and bay leaves which are bronchodilators to help open up airways; or pepper and Vitamin E which can help reduce cannabis-induced anxiety.

Hire a 420-Themed Party Planner

Sometimes, the stress of planning and hosting a party – especially a cannabis party – can be a bit too much to handle gracefully. Fortunately, there are many party planning service options in Colorado that specialize in 420-themed party planning.

No matter what the budget, chances are you’ll find an event package to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking to entertain a small group of people for a few hours or wanting to wine and dine (and toke with) the masses, Colorado’s emerging industry is equipped with a cannabis party planner to fit your needs.

Angled shot of a group of people sitting at a table with gourmet dishes in front of them with pot leaves and a glass bowl filled with cannabis and wine.
Cultivating Spirits is one company that caters parties and pairs weed with meals and drinks. photo credit

Cultivating Spirits, for example, offers a number of dinner party options which can be held either in your place, their venue or their restaurant. They can serve food from their own menu or cook up whatever you request, and will serve your 420-themed party guests so you don’t have to.

There are even cannabis friendly wedding planning services like the ones provided by Irie Weddings and Events. For those who want to share their love of weed alongside their love for each other, these services can make the whole thing happen. From helping find the perfect venue and lodging to scheduling bud and edible tastings, if a weed wedding is your thing, you can have it in Colorado!

The Wrap Up

Throwing your own 420-themed party is a great way to gather with friends and celebrate the greenest of holidays (outside St. Patrick's Day). Whether you want to do it all yourself, or hire a professional for some extra class, a little prep will give your guests the best 420-themed party yet!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a 420 party?

A 420-themed party is a gathering where friends can enjoy consuming cannabis together on 420, the holiday of weed. It’s usually done at someone’s home, but can be done outside as long as the private owner allows public cannabis consumption.

What Should I Bring to a 420 Party?

When going to a 420-themed party, it's a good idea to bring something the whole party might enjoy. This could be a fire strain you discovered, some bomb edibles (store bought or homemade), or maybe some tasty concentrates. You could also bring some non-infused snacks or drinks. That could be pizza, chips, veggies and hummus, or whatever you like chowing down on when the munchies hit.

Are Edibles Good for Parties?

Edibles are a great option for parties. They last for hours if you’re looking to go the distance at your 420-themed party, and they’re easy to share. Just be sure to label them as infused edibles (in case someone else decides to bring some similar looking brownies, cookies, or candies). If they’re homemade, do your best to list the dosage. Even writing “STRONG!!!!” is better than letting people discover the potency on their own.

Got advice for planning a 420-themed party? We’d love to hear about it.


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