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Thursday September 8, 2016

Updated on 8/2/2021

By Tyler Terps

420 Culture

Even as just an instrument for getting high, there are many different types of bongs out there to choose from. Your choice depends on how high you’re trying to get and how smooth you want your hit to be. Here are eight different types of glass that you should consider before heading into a glass shop:

Bubble Bottom

Glass that has a rounded base tends to have a heavier chug that as a result requires a lot of water. Usually there’s not a lot of special features with bubble bottoms, but you’ll be sure to get fat bong rips that will have you coughing your brains out.

Beaker Bong

Beaker bases are similar to the instruments that you used during chemistry class back in high school that have small openings and flared out bases. Similar to a bong with a bubble bottom, this type has a solid amount of chug to add a bit of oomph to your hits. Some collectors of glass prefer a beaker because it’s harder to knock over than comparable styles.

Straight Tubes

The universal image of a bong is a 16 inch straight tube that defines the term simplicity in terms of glassware. A tube refers to the round chamber you put your mouth to, and connected will be your normal slide setup. They don’t call them the classics for just any reason, and the way these tear your mind open will be sure to satisfy your needs. Everyone needs one of these staples on their shelf because of the old school pleasure of ripping a straight tube.   


The goal of a recycler is to move around the water and vapor that is being put through the piece. Recyclers are usually used along with concentrates because of their lack of percolation and focus on recycling the water and vapor. The simple idea that defines its principal of function makes way for different shapes and sizes of this style. These varieties include incyclers, upcyclers, and klein recyclers, but they’re all just new ways to toss around water.


Percolators on bongs filter out the smoke so that the resulting lung full isn’t too much to handle. The types that are used on bongs including things like waffle, disc, tree arm, and fritted discs. These bongs will give you the smoothest hits depending on what kind of filtration is being used in specifics.

Fab Egg

Faberge eggs were originally created by Mothership and are based off of historic pieces of art. The function of a fab egg is the fact that no two hits are the same, giving the owner a unique experience. In a world where a lot of glass is based off of something else, this is just one example of a piece that’s taken from real life and is then applied to borosilicate.


Gravity Bong

Most people that started smoking weed in the past twenty years know what a gravity bongs are. The makeshift method includes using plastic bottles, but thankfully the glass industry has caught up and has provided a glass gravity bong for the masses. Start by filling up a container with water that will fit your bottle and then throw the glass carb cap on top of the chamber. Light and lift the bowl and bottle, forcing gravity to bring the smoke down. This way, you’ll have a bottle full of smoke to drink when all is said and done.

Gravity BongGravity Bong

Now that you know about each type of bong, making a decision on which fits your lifestyle and needs will be much easier. You can make your own gravity bong or splurge on an intricate recycler. Take classic rips from a straight tube or take in the unique experience of smoking from a Faberge egg. The choice is yours.

Brothers With Glass

If you’re looking to upgrade your setup from the comfort of your own home, Brothers With Glass has you covered. They offer a stunning array of the above styles and more, and will surely have something that suits your needs. Remember, there’s no one “best” type of bong, just the right bong for the right person, so let yourself shop around and see what’s out there!

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What's your favorite type of bong? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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