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Thursday March 17, 2022

By Paul Barach

St. Patrick's Day green and glittery decorations with darker green weed buds laid out on a grey wooden background 420 Culture

Whether you’re celebrating your own Celtic culture, a Catholic Saint’s feats of snake chasing, or just want to dress in green and feel Irish for the day, St. Patrick’s Day is a blast of a holiday. There’s delicious food, all kinds of fun with friends, and the libations flow freely whenever you find your cup empty.

However, fewer Americans are drinking alcohol than in the past and many are choosing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by swapping their booze for weed. Toasting a green nug instead of green beer can be a much better option; there’s all the mind-altering fun of St. Patrick’s Day festivities without the eye-popping bar tab or epic next-day hangover.

Ireland has also been producing some remarkably strong bud lately, so even the Irish are getting in on this new tradition of greening up the Emerald Isles.

Let's talk about some St. Patrick’s Day weed strains and infused beverage options to keep your celebration as happy as an Irish jig and as green as a field of clover.

St. Patrick’s Day Weed Strains

It’s not St. Patrick’s Day without the color green. Whether you’re marching in a parade, jogging in a fun run, cooking a traditional Irish dinner, or meeting friends at the bar, it’s important to blend in. That’s why we’re recommending these festive and potent St. Patrick’s Day Weed Strains that will fuel your alcohol-free fun no matter how you’re choosing to spend the day.

Green Ribbon

Tie on this Green Ribbon and you’ll be raring to go to your local St. Paddy’s Day parade. With a sativa edge courtesy of Green Crack, you’ll have a “green craic” (a great time). This St. Patrick’s Day weed strain provides plenty of zeal for dancing, singing, playing music, or walking for blocks on end.

Emerald OG

The carefree, warming buzz following this floral, citrus inhale spreads from your head on down. When you’re at the bar with your friends, laughing and bonding over a round of drinks, Emerald OG will have you in their same headspace, but without the same hangover tomorrow. This strain also lasts for a while if you find yourselves out late celebrating.

Lucky Charms

A macro shot of Lucky Charms weed that is showing off its shiny trichomes and it's small sugar coated leaves shooting out of the top bud with orange hairs speckled about the nugget as well
Lucky Charms is a fun-loving sativa that'll keep you ramped up for all your St. Patrick’s celebrations. photo credit

One taste of this magically delicious, fruity, marshmallow-sweet smoke and you’ll be after these Lucky Charms no matter which mythical forest creature claims ownership. This St. Patrick’s Day weed strain can give you long-lasting energy as part of a balanced breakfast, in case you’re doing a morning fun run before the party really kicks off.

Irish Cream

Much like its namesake, Irish Cream has a smooth, pleasant coffee flavor, and is best enjoyed in small doses. This St. Patrick’s Day weed strain is all about mellowing out and vibing with what’s at hand. That makes Irish Cream a perfect kitchen companion when you’re preparing some slow-cooking, traditional Irish dishes like stew, soda bread, colcannon, or corned beef and cabbage.

Pot of Gold

This Pot of Gold may appear at the end of a rainbow, but it should definitely appear only at the end of your day. Starting with a sweet, hashy smoke, this St. Patrick’s Day weed strain is gonna put you in a happy daze for the afterparty with whomever’s still up. The longer it is burned, the heavier your limbs may feel, so make sure you can crash there.

St. Patrick’s Day Weed Drinks

Irish toasts are part of the celebration and you can’t clink your friend’s glass with a lit joint, a cherried bowl, or a vape pen (technically you can, but it doesn’t feel the same and the bar owner might give you some side-eye). That doesn’t mean you need to have alcohol in your glass to give a hearty “Slainte!” with your friends or a friendly stranger. While weed and beer can go well together, there are plenty of equally green St. Patrick’s Day weed drink options, from infused beverages to weed-beer!

Infused Sodas

When it comes to infused THC beverages, your local dispensary should have a full cooler to choose from. There’s spritzers, sodas, juices, virgin cocktails and more in a wide range of flavors, so pick whichever St. Patrick’s Day weed drink feels the most festive (we recommend something bubbly). Once you’re at the celebration, just twist off that bottle cap or pop that can.

View from above multiple opened golden-orange soda cans with a pot leaf in the bottom left corner
Most dispensaries have a few options of cannabis infused beverages. The fun part is picking one out. photo credit

The effects will come on faster than with a traditional edible, so you won’t find yourself waiting too long before you’re in party mode. Just remember to pace yourself. Most infused drinks are dosed at 10mg of THC. Drink a couple bottles too quick and you could wind up joining other celebrants who will be catching a ride home early.

Infused Cold Brew

You don’t need Bailey’s Cream or Whiskey to make your coffee “Irish” this St. Paddy’s Day. Many dispensaries selling infused juices and sodas should have a bottle or can of this perky mix of caffeine and THC, for when you’ve got the day off and can start the festivities early. Of course, you can always make your own as well.

Weed Beer

Avoiding alcohol this St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t mean you have to avoid the crisp, malty satisfaction of a cold beer. Current laws prevent a beverage combining alcohol and THC, so more and more breweries are experimenting with cannabeers.

Example of a Ceria Brewing Co. cannabis infused beer that has a dark green label with a Roman-like statue face for their logo
The Ceria cannabis beer mimics a West Coast IPA, created with light caramel malts, hops and citrus notes without the alcohol. photo credit

Be sure to read the label, however. Cannabeers can either be alcoholic beers with strain-specific terpene flavors or THC-Infused, non-alcoholic beverages. Ceria is one of the latter. This brewery, in Colorado and California, makes THC-infused beers that provide all the crisp, hoppy, malty, and citrus flavors you’d want with anywhere from 2.5-10mg of THC and no alcohol.

CBD Drinks

If you’d like a St. Patrick’s Day weed drink that’ll keep your head a bit clearer, there are plenty of CBD-infused sodas available. You can choose between CBD seltzers such as Day One, THC:CBD beverages like Cann, and delicious non-alcoholic cocktails like Flyers. Since CBD is stress-relieving without the psychoactive effects, you can enjoy a fun time while having drinks with your friends without having to pay as close attention to your bottle or can count.

The Wrap Up

As more states legalize recreational weed, an increasing number of people are finding that you can still celebrate drinking holidays without all the drinking. Hopefully our St. Patrick’s Day weed options will inspire you to find your own way to celebrate this green-accented festival in whichever way you like to enhance your disposition. Whether you’re a drinker or a weed smoker when you come to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, everyone should feel welcome and a little Irish.

Comment below and tell us what you think about these green traditions to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day!

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