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Tuesday July 11, 2017

Updated on 3/4/2022

By Abby Hutmacher

People enjoying a bachelorette party 420 Culture

Whether it’s the attraction of the new experience or just a plain, deep-founded love of Mary Jane, cannabis is finding its way into bachelor and bachelorette parties in the most interesting ways. As you might imagine, the cannabis party trend is one we couldn’t be happier about. Not only does it reinforce the fact that cannabis can be consumed safely by consenting adults in the same way alcohol can, it’s safer for everyone involved, too. But there’s a right and a wrong way to indulge in a little greenery during party time – one that won’t result in a night of the cross-faded spins – and we want to help you understand the best way to do so.

Adding Cannabis to a Bachelor(ette) Party

There are many reasons to choose cannabis over alcohol, which is especially important if the night of partying precedes an important day like a wedding. Need a few examples? Here are some of our favorite reasons to choose cannabis over booze at your next bachelor/bachelorette party:

  • Cannabis helps prevent hangovers:

    This one can be tricky if done incorrectly. Though cannabis consumption can help reduce the amount of alcohol consumed, it can also have the opposite effect if the consumer isn’t careful. Known as “crossfading,” researchers have found that consuming alcohol prior to consuming cannabis can actually increase the amount of both alcohol and cannabinoids in the bloodstream. This mix of the weed “upper” and alcohol “downer” can cause the spins, difficulty vomiting, and a mean hangover the next day. Consuming cannabis instead of alcohol, on the other hand, will not result in these flu-like symptoms the next day.

  • Cannabis improves sensations:

    Whereas alcohol makes people numb and dumb, cannabis can heighten perception and slow decision-making. This will not only make the munchies taste so much more amazing, but will help prevent someone from doing something they may regret later, because let’s face it: no one wants to bail the bridal party out of jail to get them to the wedding on time.

  • Cannabis creates unique memories:

    Cannabis is cool, which makes cannabis-themed parties cool, too. Even illegal states can have pot-themed weddings (though they may not be as fun) as a mark of the times – a transition from our anti-marijuana past to our pro-marijuana present is one worth celebrating, for sure.

Best Ways to Consume Cannabis at a Pot Party

There are so many ways to consume cannabis, each with its own potency, bioavailability, effects and duration. And, though there’s no wrong way to consume marijuana in a party atmosphere, some methods may be better than others. Whether you’re the party planner or a friend helping plan the details, consider each method of consumption carefully before spending too much on party favors.

For example, edibles are most popular because they’re tasty, discreet and long-lasting. Party-goers can consume as much as they need to feel lifted without having to constantly go out for a smoke break – which is inconvenient given local public smoking laws.

Unfortunately, cannabis edibles can be very potent and difficult to predict, especially for novice consumers.

When offering guests edibles, do so alongside tips and dosing instructions – and always take care of your friends in cases of overconsumption.

Start slow if you're consuming edibles, you don't want to be zoned out or uncomfortably high for the party!
Start slow if you're consuming edibles, you don't want to be zoned out or uncomfortably high for the party!

Vaporizers are another popular option for a quick pick-me-up without the need to duck away, roll (or pack) and chief. Disposable cartridges make excellent party favors allowing guests to puff on their own stuff at their own convenience. Best of all, guests can choose from indica, sativa or hybrid cartridges allowing them to tailor their experience to their own preferences.

Of course, given the proper atmosphere, dabbing or toking on flower is always welcome. It serves as a great opportunity for party-goers to learn a little bit about what they’re consuming; different strain types have different flavors, characteristics and effects and it’s much easier to distinguish these differences when consuming cannabis this way. For a full cannabis experience, hitting some dank green or quality concentrates is always a good idea.

Get Help Handling the Details

Not a party planner? Not a problem! The legal cannabis industry has created all sorts of businesses that can help take the stress out of the big day. With the legalization movement in full swing, cannabis is no longer the guilty pleasure that’s being snuck into the party inside of a tennis shoe or tampon wrapper. No, today marijuana is taking center stage right alongside the guests of honor at major life events like bachelor and bachelorette parties. Here in Colorado, there’s no better time to ride the tide of change and host a cannabis-themed bachelor/bachelorette party for your friends.

Thinking of hosting a marijuana-infused bachelor/bachelorette party? What kind of must-haves are on your list?

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Abby Hutmacher Abby Hutmacher

Abby is a writer and founder of Cannabis Content, a marketplace designed to connect cannabis writers and creatives with businesses in the industry. She has been a professional cannabis writer since 2014 and regularly contributes to publications such as PotGuide and M&F Talent. She is also the Content Director at Fortuna Hemp, America’s leading feminized hemp seed bank. Follow Abby on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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