Sunday June 21, 2015

By Brandon Shepherd

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Consistency is the name of the game. Until now, the process of making cannabis-infused edibles has been mostly guesswork, with very little food science applied to these techniques. Ingredient quality, amounts, and handling are all very important variables when considering producing any type of food – especially ones with cannabis infused in them.

When first exploring the infusing process, I spent hours on the Internet researching what was available at the time, and found many different methods claiming to be effective. Several crock pot batches later, it was clear that no one production method was optimum. I realized that if the inconsistencies lie in the process, there would be bigger issues at a larger scale, like edibles for retail sale in dispensaries.

While researching how to infuse cannabis into edibles, the word decarboxylation, popped up from time to time. Decarboxylation is literally defined as: the removal of a carboxyl group, and is a typical reaction when smoking or vaporizing cannabis.

The “toasting” of the herb converts the THC-A molecule into the psychoactive form Delta 9-THC. Heat is the best catalyst for this reaction, which is easily achieved from a home oven. I made several batches that were toasted and analytically tested to determine the best method for completing this reaction.

I have found that the following procedure has been the easiest way to achieve the most potential from your cannabis:


Toast Your Cannabis

  1. Pre-heat Oven to 215° F.

  2. Place cannabis on a cookie sheet pan.

  3. Toast for 15 minutes.

  4. Increase temperature to 240° F.

  5. Toast and additional 45 minutes.

  6. Remove from oven, let cool.

  7. Grind up toasted cannabis finely for immediate use, or store in light-tight, air-tight container.

This treatment of cannabis will not destroy the THC, which has a boiling point well above 300° F. And once this method was put into practice, a noticeable difference in consistency of potency was very apparent. It was determined through science and anecdotal evidence that this procedure is necessary to produce great cannabis infused edibles.

Before making the next batch of edibles at home, raise a glass and “toast” your cannabis! For more information and videos on how to decarboxylate cannabis, please visit:

Mota Pot - Cannabis Butter Maker

PotGuide Brandon Shepherd

Brandon Shepherd is a Food Scientist Consultant from Colorado, whose passion for food, travel and cannabis has led to the creation of The Mota Pot, a 10 minute cannabis oil infuser.

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