Friday September 16, 2016

By Abby Hutmacher

What to Expect When Hopping on a Marijuana Party Bus 420 Culture

Marijuana's legal status had an overwhelming influence on tourism in America. According to an article published in the Denver Post, local marijuana laws contributed to vacation destination decisions 49 percent of the time.  And though this is great news for Colorado’s economy, it has created quite the conundrum for tourists looking to toke safely and legally.

You see, though marijuana is legal to purchase recreationally in a handful of states, there are still laws prohibiting public consumption (the same goes for many hotels and resorts as well as federal land). Basically, if you want to puff on some tasty greenage legally as a tourist, you have to have a friend in town or access to 420-friendly events or lodging.

Thankfully, there’s another option for toking on the town that doesn’t require covert vaping or edible consumption: party buses.

A Look Inside Pot Party Buses

Pot party busses are like the “Magical Mystery Tour” of our time. They attract a wide range of riders – parents, business people, college students, senior citizens – all with an appetite for adventure and an eagerness to explore new things -- and smoke weed.

Unlike the ride in the 1967 film, marijuana tour buses roll in style. With the interior of a high-end party bus complete with flat-screen TVs, crazy lighting, sociable seating arrangement and a boat-load of pot smoke, these buses are a great way to get you where you’re going, meet a few friends along the way and get really, really baked in the process.

Finding the Perfect Marijuana Tour

Colorado tourists have many party bus options to choose from. They can climb aboard a Hopper at one of its many downtown Denver stops, hail a Loopr somewhere along its designated route or customize an adventure through one of Denver’s many marijuana tours.

Marijuana Party Bus

  • Loopr

    Loopr is another downtown Denver party bus that circles on a specific route picking up designated stoners along the way. Though it is not free like the Hopper, it does come with it’s own advantages like the ability to hail the bus where you want to get on instead of tracking down a stop and high-tailing it until you get there. To ride the bus, you need to purchase a pass (ranging in price from $25 for 24 hours to $200 for a month) and can only ride during designated hours.

  • The Hopper

    High There’s Hopper bus is an extension of their stoner dating app designed to help weedies meet and mingle. Rides are free and easy to find with the use by checking the High There! app on any mobile device. Users just need to log in, check out the bus’s location and next few stops then wait for it to arrive. Once there, riders can cruise, toke, and mingle until their next top, or just stay on all night until it’s time to go home (or until the munchies kick in).

  • My 420 Tours

    For a more private experience, My 420 Tours features all-inclusive vacation packages, airport transportation, foodie tours, spa visits and even a private helicopter ride over Red Rocks Amphitheatre. My 420 Tours can also help with 420-friendly lodging and activities like cooking classes and cannabis cultivation tours.

Whether you’re a tourist or a local looking for a night on the town, pot party buses are the way to do it. For a minimal fee, you can toke, meet new friends and get a first-hand look at the Colorado’s ever-popular cannabis scene.

Have you ever hopped a ride in a pot party bus? Tell us about your experience.

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Abby Hutmacher Abby Hutmacher

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