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Wednesday March 7, 2018

Updated on 3/4/2022

By Abby Hutmacher

Image of Denver International Airport Travel

Flying causes anxiety for many people and since cannabis has been shown to help treat anxiety, the idea of getting high before a flight out of Denver is commonplace. But rather than risk confiscation, fines or worse for traveling with marijuana, many are choosing to consume cannabis before arriving at the airport altogether.

Before going through Denver International Airport (DIA) high, here are a few things you should consider.

Getting High Before You Fly

Smoking some green on the way to the airport will get you high for the first few hours which could make check-in a bit of a challenge if you’re not prepared. A little self-coaching can go a long way, though. For example, before smoking, be sure to have your ID and credit card ready and understand the baggage check procedure should you need.

Kiosks are a great way to get your boarding pass and go (if you’re not checking bags, that is) which will help you avoid talking to anyone with your freshly-baked brain.

We also suggest wearing shoes, jackets and belts that are easily removable for your trip through TSA, and to bone-up on other travel stipulations and procedures via the airport website prior to airport arrival.

What to Consume?

If you want to still be high by the time you take off, you might want to consider what form of cannabis to consume. Edibles will have a longer-lasting effect than smoking cannabis which is ideal for experienced consumers but can have an unwanted intensity for novice consumers.

Marijuana Edibles
Cannabis edibles are a great choice if you want to be high for your flight! photo credit

For those who are unsure of their dose, we suggest consuming only a small amount of marijuana edibles prior to your flight, saving dosing experimentation for another time when the pressure to perform won’t be so high. If you do find yourself in the throngs of overconsumption in the airport, stay calm! Your high will wear off eventually and in the meantime, the last thing you’ll want is to stir concern regarding your condition.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to calm a marijuana high in a hurry like splashing cold water on the face, taking a brisk walk throughout the terminals, or listening to calming music.

But before you do any of that, get through security, find your terminal, and set an alarm to remind you when it’s time to board!

What to do While High at DIA

Congratulations! Your stoned self just made it through airport security and now the real fun begins! If you’re looking for some fun things to do while high and waiting for your flight to take off, we have a few simple suggestions.

Check Out Art and Culture Exhibits

Did you know that DIA has a wide variety of art and culture exhibits throughout the airport? It’s true, the art exhibition program showcases many pieces of art that rotate frequently. If you have some time to kill, try taking a stroll around and experience some awesome cultural sights!

Denver International Airport Art
Though know for being somewhat creepy at times, DIA has some awesome art on display. photo credit

Do Some Shopping

When it comes to calming nerves and killing time, doing something familiar like shopping can help quell any anxious thoughts or feeling. Luckily, DIA has plenty of shops to keep you occupied for the duration of your wait. Airport shopping also gives tourists one last chance to score a souvenir to take home!

Indulge Your Taste Buds

When the munchies kick in, only the tastiest grub will suffice. Don’t stand in line for over-priced fast-food when you can sit and enjoy some of DIA’s best dining cuisine like Root Down in Concourse C, Elway’s in Concourse B, or Mesa Verde in Concourse A; or enjoy some local brews at the Boulder Beer Tap House in the Jepessen terminal or the New Belgium Hub located in Concourse B.

Write a Story

Stoners are naturally creative, so developing a story out of nothing could be an interesting endeavor. If you’re feeling inspired, grab a pad of paper and a pen then take a walk around the terminal on the lookout for interesting people to write a story about. It may be pretend, but your travel journal will be a lot more interesting!

Final Thoughts

Colorado’s central location makes its pot-friendly status all the more convenient. If you’ll be traveling through DIA, be sure to take advantage of the many cannabis-friendly tours and shuttles because, even if you only have a few short hours here, you might as well get the most out of them.

Have you ever been high at an airport? Share your tips with our 420-friendly travelers below.


Abby Hutmacher Abby Hutmacher

Abby is a writer and founder of Cannabis Content, a marketplace designed to connect cannabis writers and creatives with businesses in the industry. She has been a professional cannabis writer since 2014 and regularly contributes to publications such as PotGuide and M&F Talent. She is also the Content Director at Fortuna Hemp, America’s leading feminized hemp seed bank. Follow Abby on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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