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On the Go? Here's How to Discreetly Store Your Stash 420 Culture

If you lucked out and have a stash large enough to save for later, you might wonder how to keep it fresh. Maybe you picked up a few different strains, but don’t have somewhere to keep them separated and organized. Or maybe you need to take your bud from point A to point B, discretely of course.

No matter what situation you may find yourself in, there are plenty of options to store your cannabis safely, especially if you're traveling. Take a few tips from us and do your best to stay away from the old school storage solution of generic sandwich bags ,which can easily crush your delicate buds. Despite being great for convenience, plastic bags (and other cheap options) won't protect your stash from the biggest threats like light, air, heat and moisture.


How to Store Marijuana the Right Way

To preserve the sticky, resin soaked flowers, keep your daily supply separate from your long term storage. Cannabis, like fine wine, cures with age for a sweeter smelling, more potent bud, so the less time you spend opening your storage option the better.

Here are a few great cannabis storage options and tips:

  • Glass mason jars provide an airtight seal and protect your bud from drying out. Glass protects the flavor of your bud by leaving all of the tasty terpenes intact.
  • On the same note, colored jars are also great for blocking light and can add a more decorative solution to store your weed.
  • Finding quality plastic bags (like Smelly Proof or Smell Stoppers) are great short term options if you’re worried about excessive odor.
  • A humidor, typically usually used for cigars, can also keep your flower at the perfect humidity (50-65%) and successfully sheltered from unnecessary light and air exposure.
  • Titanium jars, unlike many other metals, won’t change the taste of flower over time. If you’re not a fan of glass, titanium is your next best option.
  • Remember that light degrades THC, so store your stash jar in a cool, dark place.
  • Keep your bud away from warm appliances and heating elements like refrigerators and dryers, as the heat and humidity can cause mold and could destroy your flower.
  • Pro Tip: Don’t store your weed in the freezer! If you do, the crystals of resin will freeze and fall off the flower, leaving you with much less-potent bud.

Storing Marijuana While Traveling

While many states have legalized recreational or medical marijuana, all forms are still illegal according to federal law. At the end of the day, this means that traveling from one state to another with any type of marijuana is still considered to be federally illegal, even if those states allow legal marijuana use. 

If you do need to travel with your stash, discretion is key -- both avoiding attention to yourself and to your beautiful bud.


In most states, smelling marijuana in your car can give an officer probable cause to ask if they can search your vehicle. Having said this, you actually don’t have to provide consent. The 4th amendment protects your right to deny or refuse a search without a warrant and may help with legal repercussions. With a warrant, they can search your car without consent, but this most likely won’t be the case.

To prevent a run in with the law, simply don’t smoke in your car! If you do find yourself in a car with marijuana, use smell proof containers to prevent the pungent aroma from filling up your car. STASHLOGIX makes lockable, odor-absorbing travel bags in varying sizes to help keep peace of mind when traveling.

Although "out of sight, out of mind" is a good rule of thumb to follow, be smart and hide your container in the trunk or anywhere out of reach of the driver as many states enforce an "open container" law. Despite leaving a dispensary with a dank supply, opening your goods in your car is considered an open container and you will be subject to fines if caught.


If you're traveling via plane or train with some type of marijuana product, it will require the same attitude towards storage. Note that flying with marijuana is still 100% illegal, but most domestic terminals have bomb sniffing dogs vs. drug sniffing dogs. Today, the TSA is more concerned with people bringing weapons onto a plane than someone traveling with a personal stash of bud.

To prevent any mishaps, wrap your weed in an airtight container and hide it in your glasses case, rolled up socks, underwear, or any place in your luggage that is out of eyesight. Check your bag rather than carrying it on, as it'll be less likely to be searched.


Storing Marijuana While Camping on Federal Land

Marijuana is federally illegal which means legal repercussions if you are caught on federal land. Using smell-proof storage options and keeping it safely hidden away as you travel through federal land will be your best bet. If you must smoke, consider cannabis oils and waxes or use a vaporizer which produces vapor with minimal scent. Make sure to follow all other park rules, considering the easiest way to get caught with weed is to be stopped for something else.

Storing your marijuana correctly will protect your weed from mold, drying out, and losing flavor and THC in delicate terpenes. Take the extra steps to ensure your green stays fresh!

Let us know how you like to store your stash in the comments below.

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