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Thursday December 23, 2021

By Nicholas Demski

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It’s news to absolutely nobody that musicians smoke weed. From jazz halls of the 1930s to the Beatles to Tupac; cannabis culture has always been deeply interlaced with popular music scenes. In fact, popular musicians and cannabis culture often have a synergistic relationship.

From the jazz era onwards, music has popularized cannabis among fans and likewise, musicians have risen to fame on the shoulders of cannabis-consuming listeners.

Musician advocates for cannabis are extensive. Everyone from Willie Nelson to Rihanna has sounded their support for the plant. However, now that some form of legal cannabis has taken off in over half of US states, musicians are able to do more than promote cannabis and legalization.

The thriving cannabis industry in the US is already valued at nearly $12 billion and climbing. As a result, many musicians are already vying for their place in an explosive industry. This can be beneficial for both musicians and cannabis companies and has resulted in some killer cannabis products. Read on to find out more about 10 of the most successful collaborations between musicians and cannabis companies.

Snoop Dogg

A longtime cannabis advocate, Snoop Dogg was one of the first celebrities to move into the legal cannabis industry. Snoop made his first move into the cannabis industry in 2015, following Colorado’s Amendment 64 which legalized cannabis for recreational use the previous year. Partnering with Colorado dispensary LivWell,  Snoop Dogg created Leafs by Snoop.

The product line contains flower, concentrate, and edibles for the Colorado market. Snoop also has a venture capital firm that invests in growing cannabis businesses called Casa Verde Capital and also owns the online cannabis magazine, Merry Jane.

Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett is already an established businessman as well as a musician. His many ventures include author, record label executive, casino owner, brewer, property developer, and now, cannabis entrepreneur. In collaboration with Florida dispensary Surterra Wellness, Buffett has released a line of vape products called Coral Reefer, after his backup band. 

Available products include a surfboard-shaped vape pen and cannabis vape cartridges in various cannabinoid ratios, which fit exclusively with the pen. Currently, Coral Reefer cannabis products are only available to medical marijuana patients in Florida.

Wiz Khalifa

In 2016, rapper Wiz Khalifa partnered with Colorado dispensary RiverRock Cannabis to distribute Khalifa Kush, or KK. The rapper helped develop the strain to his preferences. Khalifa says he prefers weed that helps him feel “relaxed but energized”. The following year, Khalifa also launched the cannabis app WeedFarm.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson was soon to follow Snoop to the Colorado cannabis industry. In 2016, Nelson announced Willie’s Reserve, a wholesale cannabis company. 

Willie’s Reserve differs from large-scale cannabis brands in its commitment to environmentally-friendly farming methods, small-batch growers and farmers, and small local businesses. Products are hand-picked by Nelson to ensure quality and sustainability. Willie’s Reserve products are now available in Oregon as well. 

Die Antwoord

South African rap duo Die Antwoord are one of the first international duos to move into the cannabis scene. They have partnered with Northern California dispensary, Natural Cannabis Company, to release Zef Zol. The product line includes a vape pen and various cannabis-infused edibles. Zef Zol is currently available to Californians of legal smoking age.


This Bay Area rapper’s Cookies brand has quickly become a staple of the industry, known for its proprietary strain genetics and sleek branding. Berner is a long-time cannabis industry veteran, and has been making moves in the San Francisco and Oakland markets for years.

He is especially known for his role in the creation of the now-omnipresent strain Girl Scout Cookies, after which the brand is named. If you’re reading this article and are into cannabis culture, you likely already know about Cookies. The brand has become a small cannabis empire that shows little sign of slowing down.

Juicy J

Rapper Juicy J developed a personalized strain of cannabis called Green Suicide for California dispensaries in 2016. At the time, dispensaries in the state were for medical patients only. 

The strain was popularized by a song released soon after by Juicy J, featuring Wiz Khalifa, also called “Green Suicide”. California dispensaries are now open to recreational users following the passing of Prop 64.

Dr. Zodiac and Kurupt

Perhaps the coolest cannabis product to be created out of a music-cannabis collaboration is moon rocks created by hip hop artists Dr. Zodiac and Kurupt in 2013. These super strong nugs of high-quality cannabis flower, dipped in hash oil and rolled in kief, are as tasty and strong as they are expensive. 

Original moon rocks are available at dispensaries across Arizona. Due to the product’s appeal, however, similar unbranded products have cropped up in dispensaries all around the world. The brand has also since released vape cartridges, edibles, and super-strong “moonwalk” syrup.

Damien Marley and the Marley Family

Bob Marley has been an icon of the cannabis community for decades. The reggae legend’s family have worked to keep his love of cannabis alive long after his death with their company Marley Natural. The company has cannabis products like flower, hash, and vape cartridges available in California dispensaries.

Marley Natural also distributes smoking accessories around the world. In addition to the family business, Bob Marley’s son Damien Marley, who is also an accomplished reggae musician, owns a Denver dispensary called Stony Hill.

The Disco Biscuits

Pennsylvania jam band the Disco Biscuits are the latest music act to jump on the cannabis bandwagon. The band has released a self-titled strain of cannabis seeds through a collaboration with seed bank Underground Originals Seeds.

Disco Biscuit seeds are a cross between the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain and UGORG#1. It is reported to have an uplifting, mentally stimulating, but physically relaxing effect.

Wrap Up

While these collaborations are already exciting for consumers, this is surely only the beginning. Complicated state-by-state laws prevent such projects from hitting major markets. However, as legalization progresses in the US, we are sure to see more music artists move into the cannabis industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Musicians Have Cannabis Brands?

More celebrities are joining the cannabis movement every day, but some notable ones are: Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Buffet, Willie Nelson, Wiz Khalifa, Die Antwoord, Berner, Juicy J, Dr. Zodiac, Kurupt, The Disco Biscuits, Damien Marley (and the Marley family).

Who Created Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are an invention of musicians Dr. Zodiac and Kurupt.

What is Wiz Khalifa’s Strain?

Wiz developed the strain Khalifa Kush.

Leave any questions or comments about music and cannabis down below, and make sure to share this article with a friend in a legal state!


Nicholas Demski Nicholas Demski

As a former global educator, Nicholas uses his B.S. in biology to leverage his understanding of cannabinoid science into meaningful content for readers. For several years, Nicholas has written for several blogs, including Green Flower, and provided copywriting services for CBD and cannabis companies worldwide. He's also a Staff Writer for Terpenes and Testing Magazine, CBD Health and Wellness Magazine, and Extraction Magazine.

While Nicholas is a medical cannabis patient in Michigan, he has traveled from Spain to Colombia to Cambodia to see what cannabis is like around the world. He uses his background in science, world experience, and unique writing style to help people learn more about cannabis and cannabinoids at and on Instagram @Cannabiologist. You can also connect with Nicholas on his LinkedIn profile.

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