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Tuesday July 6, 2021

By Josh Kasoff

420 Culture

Although concentrates and infused flower products have quite the rage in the legal cannabis industry, many don’t realize that a certain infused specialty can be prepared at home with the right supplies and a little know-how. Though moon rocks and caviar are some of the most sought-after niche items on dispensary shelves, they are actually pretty easy to make yourself.

In most legalized markets flower, hash oil in applicators, and pure kief are readily available at dispensaries, and thus consumers can forgo extra costs at the dispensary by following a few simple instructions. Come along and learn how to make moon rocks at home.

What Are Moon Rocks and Caviar?

The phrase “moon rocks'' was made famous by former Death Row Records artist Kurupt and his partner Dr. Zodiak. Described by some as the “holy trifecta” of cannabis combinations, but more accurately to my fellow Southerners as the “Turducken of cannabis,” a moon rock is a small bud of cannabis dipped in hash oil. Depending on your definition of difference between the two terms, the nug then either is or isn’t rolled in kief. Though “moon rocks” typically refers to the dusted version, many in the industry use the two terms interchangeably.   Whatever you call them, these cannabis supernovas are not to be taken lightly.

Making Your Own Moon Rocks

Overall, the process of creating moon rocks couldn’t be simpler. Starting with a nug of cannabis from whichever prefered strain, that nug is then fully submerged in hash oil and then dusted (or not dusted) in kief. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you make better moon rocks.

While the strain of flower that one may use is entirely up to the consumer, denser nugs are preferred as they’ll hold the final shape better than fluffier nugs. And while hash oil is the recommended extract, any extract that’s melted down enough to a liquid consistency could ideally work as a coating (such as a saucy full-spectrum extract from live resin). Still, thicker extract will adhere better, so something like distillate might not be ideal.

Dense nugs
The denser the nugs and the thicker the oil the better! photo credit

It’s also smart to keep track of which oils you’re matching with which flower strains. For example, mixing a sativa oil with an indica flower will likely hybridize the effects in unknown ways. That’s either a positive or a negative depending on your view, but it can be fun to experiment like a cannabis Thomas Edison.

The most crucial tools to possess and use frequently throughout this process are tongs and tweezers or another type of grasping instrument. Your hands will get messy if you dip them into hash oil and that stuff can be difficult to get off without rubbing alcohol. Submerging or applying oil to the entire nug is required though, as it will guarantee extensive kief coverage.

The next step in ensuring a quality moon rock/caviar, quite like a fine paint job, is to apply at least two or three coats of oil to the nug, letting each layer permeate and seep into the nooks and crannies of the nug. With the nug properly saturated in concentrate oil, the next step would be to use those tweezers and roll the coated nug in a plentiful amount of the highest quality kieft you can procure. Your grinder will obviously be the most readily available source if your local dispensary doesn’t carry kief. However if they do have dry sift hash products, you can make some truly top-tier moon rocks.

Kief in the kief catcher of a grinder
Kief from the kief catcher of your grinder should do the trick. photo credit

And as brought up on a couple of different instructional guides, most CBD extracts and flowers can be substituted as desired, so those consumers not wishing to travel to Pluto high may avoid doing so. Remember that cannabis is quite a versatile plant and its consumption can be customized as such, you can mix and match CBD and THC products to find that perfect ratio.

Ideally, you’ll want the nug to completely lose its shape, appearing more as an oblong yet round and flat nug, totally smothered by layers of oil then a generous powdering of kief. We mean no joking when we say that you’ll want the nug to resemble something like a cannabis potato, flat on all sides yet rounded and bulging out at random areas.

How to Consume Moon Rocks

Finally, as for how to consume, it wouldn’t be wise to use a grinder, as the rock would become mostly destroyed. The most commonly recommended way would be a glass piece, either a pipe or a bowl to consume. Joints and blunts could get messy but could be achieved if desired. 

Regardless of your preferred nickname, moon rocks/caviar are a supergroup of cannabis consumption and a concoction that should certainly be consumed with friends or not entirely in one sitting. Still, it’s a ride guaranteed to take you across the galaxy multiple times.

Get ready for takeoff.

Have you made your own moon rocks before? Share your tips in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Rick_Thompson (license)


Josh Kasoff Josh Kasoff

Josh Kasoff is a freelance journalist, writer, poet and cannabis advocate living in Las Vegas. Originally from Texas, he moved out to Vegas to both have safe and legal access to cannabis and to work directly in the industry. He enjoys covering the law and politics behind cannabis, as well as the lifestyle and culture of cannabis, and its many uses.”

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