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Amid the pandemic, many of our day-to-day activities have gone online in the name of safety. However, it has also created new ways for us to connect with those that are far away from us. While things might be more open now than 4/20/2020, COVID-19 restrictions remain in place in many places and are still a recommended safer option in places without. In a germ-conscious world, things like sharing joints, passing a bong, or even handing off some good bud to a buddy can all be risky acts. By necessity, a lot of our typical 4/20 celebrations will be internet-based this year, but we also have more options than ever for maximizing the online 4/20 experience.

Don’t fret, If 90’s sci-fi has taught us anything, it’s that going virtual doesn’t mean you have to stop the party. It’s pretty easy to hit a vape with a VR helmet on, so get in gear for a futuristic 4/20 with these celebration suggestions.

Virtual Cannabis Events

The easiest way to get in the spirit of 4/20 this year is with a virtual event. A plethora of events are already planned, with more being organized right up until the holiday. Check back often to see what’s new! 

Sunday, April 18, 2021

4:20 PM


2373 Ventures – Happii Trees™ Presents: - Official Business Launch Virtual Puff/Sip N Paint

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

4:20 PM


2373 Ventures – Happii Trees™ Presents: - Official Business Launch Virtual Puff/Sip N Paint

Smoke Weed at the Movies (at Home)

If you haven’t heard, it’s becoming increasingly normal for major movie releases to happen simultaneously online and in theatres. Also if you haven’t heard, there’s a recent release featuring a radioactive lizard fighting a giant gorilla that you can watch immediately at home with just a rental or subscription. We’re not saying that awesome monster battles necessarily have anything to do with 4/20, but it’s worth noting that you’ve got plenty of good options for big-screen fun readily available. There’s a newly cut 4-hour superhero movie to binge on, or maybe you want to get stony and try to follow Tenet (good luck).

Lee Daniels' The United States VS Billie Holiday film cover. A women's face behind a microphone
The United States vs Billie Holiday is a new film focusing on The War on Drugs in the 40s. photo credit

Major movie theatre chains tend to not let you light up in the middle of the film, so watching from home with the opportunity of smoke breaks might be a far more enjoyable way to catch a new movie this 4/20 regardless of the pandemic. Or, don’t go chasing new releases and stick to the streaming services that you’re used to: A little infused butter is all you’ll need to turn your favorite British offering into The Great Edible Baking Challenge. Or smoke till the UK Office seems like the US Office. If you’re looking for a more historical 4/20, the original villain of weed known as Harry Anslinger makes an appearance in Lee Daniels’ new film on Hulu, The United States vs Billie Holiday.

Live Music and Marijuana

One of the silver linings of COVID restrictions is that famous musicians are trapped in their houses with little to do, just like you! While a bummer, this has led to some of the best music live streams in history. Billboard keeps a continually updated list of options, with tickets rarely above $20. Twitch and similar services are replete with options as well.

Enjoying an intimate fireside performance by your favorite band might have happened once in a blue moon before the pandemic, and now it’s practically old news.

It might not be quite the same as gathering with friends for a show, but collectively watching a streamed performance is still a good time. Plus, as mentioned, it’s much easier to consume in the comfort of your own home (and will vastly cut down on random strangers asking for a hit of your joint). Many of your favorite artists are likely to be doing a performance for 4/20 (and may even be partaking from the comfort of their own homes given the more relaxed setting). Music and cannabis are a timeless pairing, and that tradition is alive and well in 2021’s streaming world.

Get High and Play Video Games

Just as music and marijuana are old friends, playing games and enjoying some pot is are equal compatriots. Online game playing exploded in the past year, and with that, there are more options than ever for casual party games. Among Us, Fallguys, Jackbox Games, Fortnite and a half-dozen other Battle Royale options, even classics like Scrabble and Yahtzee are readily available for an online party session (your’s truly is a fan of Codewords online in particular). Grab some friends, your favorite glass piece or edible, and have a blast. If you and your friends have some heavier tolerances, it’s easy to turn any of these games into 4/20 versions. Lose a match? Take a toke. Win a match? Take two.

A nintendo switch controlor in front of a tv with a video game on the screen
Video games and cannabis make a great combo, making it the perfect 420 activity. photo credit

Getting silly with the crew over a board game might have to be distanced for a little while longer (or maybe your friends are just far away), but you can still enjoy each other’s company and the communal love of cannabis. 4/20 is a time to take stock of the positive things cannabis brings into our lives, and friends and loved ones are often a part of that equation. Even if you’re venturing into the virtual gamespace solo on 4/20, it’s typically easy to find some like-minded folks in the chat, and you just might make some new friends. Cannabis has a tendency to bring people together, regardless of place.

Cannabis Delivery

Forcing things to move online has also translated to an explosion of delivery services across legal markets. If delivery is a new option in your market, 4/20 might be the perfect opportunity to treat yourself. Maybe a dispensary you’ve never tried before? Or a new product? Browsing a menu from the luxury of your bed, then legally having choice products legally arrive at your door a short while later is a modern decadence that past generations would (and do) swoon over.

A person laying in their bed on their phone
Take a trip to the dispensary from the comfort of your own phone by using a cannabis delivery service. photo credit

Limiting your time in shared spaces, even at your local dispensary, is still preferable as we work to control COVID, and delivery lets you keep the party rolling with minimal contact. If you and your chums live in the same town, you can even place matching orders to virtually sample the same products together. Yeah, you might pay a little more with delivery fees, but there are usually deals to be had. Even without them, it’s a holiday, why not splurge?

The Wrap Up

While some places are more open, there is still a very deadly virus rampaging across the U.S. and the world at large. Things are getting better, but that’s all the more reason to double down, practice social distancing, wear masks and thoroughly wash your hands to make it through this final stretch safely. As more and more of the population is vaccinated, things are looking bright for a safer in-person 4/20 in 2022, but only if we get the virus under wraps. 

However, online events and celebrations are likely to remain in some capacity. Even when we celebrate with those around us, there will always be friends, family, and loved ones that can’t be with us physically, and thus virtual celebration will always have a place. As mentioned, weed has a way of bringing people together, regardless of the wires and miles between us.