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By Abby Hutmacher

Cannabis Delivery Services: An Overview Education

In a growing number of states, medical marijuana consumers can have cannabis flower and products delivered right to their doors with cannabis delivery services. Much like a delivery from a CVS drug store, medical (and recreational in some places) cannabis consumers can receive their customized packages in as little as an hour or less, or they can subscribe for recurring delivery to receive a fresh batch of sticky-icky on their own schedule.

Products like pre-filled vaporizer pens, edibles, topicals, flower and concentrates can all be ordered and delivered to the consumer’s home, office or hotel room to save time, improve customer satisfaction and reach a wider client base than ever before.

But are these delivery services legal?

While many have operated in a sort of grey area to get past legal restrictions by offering cannabis as “gifts” or requesting “donations”, the changing scope of cannabis legalization is finally making it easier for cannabis delivery services to run legit operations which helps protect employees, consumers and the industry as a whole.

Why Marijuana Delivery Services are Important

As important as it is to allow medical patients to consume cannabis legally, it does not necessarily make it easier for them to do so. Even dispensaries that provide the cannabis face restrictions when it comes to getting the product to the patient. Dispensaries must operate in designated areas only, for example, and whole counties can opt out of allowing them in their area all together.

This makes it difficult for some patients to gain access, especially if mobility is limited.

Parents of young children may also have difficulty accessing medical (or recreational) cannabis if they cannot find a sitter as dispensaries do not allow children on the premises without a medical license. There may also be concern regarding being seen going into a medical marijuana dispensary because, even though the nature of a medical condition is private, the fact that someone is treating it with cannabis is not (especially when walking into a place with a giant pot leaf as its company logo). But these are all issues that can be avoided when using a confidential cannabis delivery service.

Eaze Delivery
Cannabis delivery services allow patients to order cannabis from the comfort of their home. Jamieaze

Additionally, marijuana delivery services reduce the need for storefronts which solves the concerns of those wishing to avoid cannabis businesses in specific areas while still allowing residents access to it. And the money that could be saved by avoiding brick-and-mortar stores is substantial, especially when considering the additional taxes cannabis businesses must pay compared to businesses in other industries.

Finally, security is improved with the use of cannabis delivery services. This happens a few ways, the most obvious of which is the reduction of stoned drivers on the roads. But because of the nature of these often “cash-only” businesses, storefronts with large sums of money on hand will always be vulnerable to attack.

Especially since cannabis companies do not have access to federal banking solutions.

Cannabis delivery services reduce the amount of money on hand (some even accepting payment online to avoid the cash transaction in the first place), and the inconspicuous dress of the delivery drivers makes them less of a target, as well. Consumers can get their product and drivers can get their paychecks safely and easily using cannabis delivery services.

Marijuana Delivery Service Providers by State

Not all states with legal marijuana laws allow marijuana delivery services. For example, though Colorado has passed a bill allowing cannabis delivery, nothing official has come of it yet. Below is a quick list of states with legal cannabis delivery services.


California allows cannabis delivery to those with a medical necessity if they have their card. Eaze is one such delivery services that delivers cannabis products from many suppliers and distributes throughout the area. They use their model to promote unique cannabis products, encourage job growth in the industry and help ensure all medical patients receive the medicine they need.


Arizona is a medical marijuana state that allows cannabis delivery to those on the medical registry. Delivery drivers, whether from a dispensary or collective, must be over 21 years old, pass a background check free of any felonies, and pay a fine to deliver the product.


In Minnesota, it is still illegal for dispensaries to deliver directly to patients. However, registered caregivers can purchase cannabis products on behalf of their patient then deliver it to them.

New York

New York is a medical marijuana state that allows the delivery of certain types of cannabis products by either licensed delivery services or personal caregivers. Types of products that can be purchased for delivery include vaporizers, inhalers, liquids and capsules. Per New York state law, flower and edibles are still illegal to purchase.

Different Types of Marijuana Delivery

There are still some states trying to work out the legalities of legal cannabis delivery services. For example, while both Colorado and Washington have passed bills allowing for such endeavors, the intricacies of the laws are still being ironed out. In the meantime, many companies in the industry are doing what they can to provide the valuable service while adhering to the strict guidelines of the state.

One such company, Local'd, has taken an interesting approach by offering cannabis “gifts” when customers purchase a certain amount of food items from local businesses. They serve both DC and Portland and give back to the community they serve by investing in local charities and promoting local brands.

Local’d promotes local businesses and helps contribute to local charities too! Local’d

The combination of locally produced cannabis and other food goods means that Local’d is promoting healthy individuals, healthy communities and a healthy industry all with a single service. Talk about over achieving!

An overwhelming number of Americans support marijuana legalization for medical purposes because of its amazing therapeutic potential. But if marijuana is so beneficial for medical patients, then it’s important those patients can access their medication regularly, easily, and affordably. Hence the benefit of marijuana delivery services.

Have you tried cannabis delivery services? Tell us about your experience.

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