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Wednesday July 10, 2019

By Matthew Mongelia

420 Culture

On July 10, 1962, the first telecommunications satellite, Telstar, was launched into orbit. To this day, we get as spaced out as possible on 7/10 to commemorate the historic event. Nah, that’s not it. To anyone’s best knowledge, 7/10 has no meaningful correlation to cannabis concentrates beyond the simple fact that 7/10 looks like the word “OIL” when turned upside down. It is unlikely the date would mean much to the European cannabis community (though they might get wild in early October, please let us know in the comments). While the holiday is yet to rival 4/20 (its own origin shrouded in vague mythology), 7/10’s popularity continues to grow each year. The trend is easy to understand given that cannabis concentrates, in both vape and dab form, are quickly outpacing flower as a preferred consumption method.

With this year’s 7/10 upon us, join PotGuide in exploring marijuana's newest holiday.

From Knife Hits to Bong Rips

Hash oil itself is nothing new to the world of cannabis. The modern community has been on the oil train since at least the 70s, though it was a relatively rare and niche cannabis preparation then. The scarcity of product meant few innovations in consumption method as well. Most older smokers have at least one story about “knife hits.” For this consumption method, two butter knives (or whatever more dangerous cutting implement you may unwisely choose to use) are heated to red hot temperatures (often on a kitchen range), then hash oil is pressed between the two to vaporize, and one scrambles to find a way to inhale as much of the resulting plume as possible. Singed fingers and fumbled hits were common, which only served to keep the popularity of concentrates stagnant. In the decades that followed, small advancements in cannabis extracts were seen, but progress was slow and scattered.

Concentrate technology has come a long way over the years. photo credit

Then, along came California. When the Golden State created the first formalized system of medical cannabis in 1996, the cannabis community was finally able to explore the many preparations of cannabis beyond flower in a formalized way. With that exploration came innovation, eventually giving way to the modern extract market. In addition to advancements in extraction techniques, of particular interest during this time is the advancement of concentrate consumption methods. From the early days of plate-and-hood “skillet” rigs, through domed glass and titanium nails, to more modern ceramic and quartz domeless wonders, these crucial advancements turned dabbing from a crude party trick into today's refined consumption process. The term “dab” came about during this era, referring to the small size and vicious nature of a hit of concentrate.

Honey oil, wax and shatter extracts were already popular in the Cali market before Colorado, Oregon and Washington kicked off the nation’s wave of adult-use legalization, but the reform subsequently unleashed the dab market. Access to funding, lab-grade equipment and industrial operations, matched with high demand from consumers, created a market of high-quality, low-cost concentrates in legalized areas. This market is what allowed for the level of refinement in cannabis extracts we see currently, like live resin and solventless rosin. The culmination of this journey from obscure novelty, to today, where dabbing holds a full third of the market, is exactly why 7/10 is celebrated in modern cannabis culture. Beneath the goofy simplicity of its origin, 7/10 remains a celebration of cannabis freedom and the distance of how far we’ve come.

Ways to Celebrate 7/10

What constitutes a “dab?” The term has come to be applied to almost any form of cannabis concentrate, and any consumption method. However, for many it has a bit narrower definition, meaning specifically the act of vaporizing concentrate with a glass rig, heated with a torch or e-nail. What’s the difference? Aficionados of dabbing might be disappointed if offered a “dab” and handed a standard vape pen. Similarly, smokers might sound a bit out-of-the-loop for referring to caviar joints and “having dabs in them.” In truth though, when discussing concentrates there’s no wrong way to use it, just personal preferences.

Live Resin
No matter what your preference is, 7/10 is all about enjoying cannabis concentrates. photo credit

There’s never been a more exciting time to explore concentrates, with a wide range of ways to partake. As such, celebrating 7/10 can mean different things to different consumers. Here are just some of the ways you can celebrate 7/10!


Not everyone associates dabbing with edibles, but concentrate and distillate infusions are responsible for some of the most potent edibles on the market. If you’re not a fan of ‘traditional” dabbing methods, consider an edible made with concentrates.

Vape Pens

Personal vape pens are the perfect introductory dab consumption method. Operation is simple (often not even involving a button), discreet, portable, and doesn’t include the potential dangers of a torch. Vape pens tend to be less potent than dabbing on a rig, though advancements such as live resin cartridges have done a lot to close the experience gap. 7/10 can be the perfect opportunity to explore a cartridge variety you’ve never tried before – like flavored distillate or “sauce” pens.

Dab Straws/Nectar Collectors

Stepping up the ladder towards more complex dabbing we next find dab straws, commonly referred to as nectar collectors. Using a dab torch, a metal, quartz or glass straw is heated and then touched/dipped directly into concentrate. In essence, this is really just knife hits with better engineering, but this method of dabbing has a few unique advantages. Straw dabbing allows the consumer control the size of their hit on the fly, simply lift the straw away when you’ve had enough, and takes considerably less resources to get up to temp (saving butane and time). The straightforward design makes them easy to clean, with few breakable parts to worry about. 7/10 makes a great occasion to try out a nectar collector, or even splurge on a new one.

Dabbing with a Rig

Considered the “true” way to dab, glass rigs can offer some of the smoothest and most potent dabbing experiences. Most glass rigs use a “banger,” a quartz cup attachment that is heated and concentrate is vaporized in.

Example of an e-nail and dab rig set-up. photo credit

Additionally, glass dab rigs typically use a carb cap, a fluted glass cap that turns the banger housing the concentrate into a contained heating chamber. Further options, like inserts, recyclers, and the ever-popular thermal quartz banger have refined rig dabbing to a small science, with innovations constantly emerging. 


E-nails are an accessory to glass rigs, with an electric coil used as a heating element. Dabbing with an e-nail allows for precise temperature control, and can be hit continuously without having to reheat. They are the most eco-conscious method, eliminating the need for butane and the costs and waste associated. Though the heating element can get just as dangerously hot, a coil is still considerably easier to manage than an open flame. E-nails are a great option for groups and parties, thus ideal for 7/10 celebrations. E-nails also come in a variety of fun aesthetics, so 7/10 might be the perfect opportunity to “Treat Yo Self.”

Cannabis Events Around 7/10

7/10 is a great excuse to gather friends and bust out the dab rigs. Many plan extract-infused meals or concentrate-themed party games (if you take a dab every time the grating laugh track sounds, you just might make it through an episode of DisJointed). A good piece of dab equipment can change your whole consumption experience, and 7/10 is usually rife with deals, so an ideal time to look into an upgrade, or at least to get educated on what’s out there. What else can you do you celebrate 7/10? Gather with some fellow oilers at a 7/10 event. Check out what’s happening in some of the most popular recreational states:




There are tons of other cannabis events happening around the country, too. If your state isn't listed above, check for cannabis happenings on your state's individual cannabis events page! Happy 7/10 and safe dabbing to everyone!

How do you celebrate 7/10? Comment below and share what you and your friends have planned!


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