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Thursday April 20, 2017

Updated on 3/10/2022

By Samuel J. Smith

Grinder full of kief with "420" spelled out 420 Culture

4/20. The second greenest holiday behind earth day. The true beauty of 4/20 lies within the many people who consider it a yearly tradition and holiday. While the act of consuming cannabis is the main focus on 4/20, everyone has their own way of celebrating. Despite the differences in celebrations, 4/20 instills a feeling of unity across the cannabis community.

Now more than ever, states with legalized forms of marijuana are bringing people together to celebrate this tradition in new and exciting ways. This year, we invite you to take on the day with fun and excitement by creating your own 4/20-filled to-do list and starting a journey and tradition of your own that will last a lifetime.

To help you get started, we have compiled a 4/20 to-do list of our own so you can get some ideas. This list is not meant to be completed within the 24 hours of April 20th, but instead used as a starting point for those looking to try something new in the future as well. This list is meant to spark ideas for your 4/20 celebrations.

The Necessities of 4/20

Stock up on cannabis with 420 deals

In order to take part in the holiday, unless you grow your own, you must go shopping for supplies. And if you're savvy, you'll want to find the best deals. Lucky for you, PotGuide has you covered with exclusive deals on flower, edibles, concentrates and more from top dispensaries.

What will you choose for the big day? Some bright, pungent flower? Perhaps some terpene-rich concentrate? Or will you be indulging in cannabis via edibles this holiday? Any way you choose, grab some cash and go to your local dispensary to stock up.

Purchase/prepare smoking supplies & utensils

Now that you have your cannabis products stocked up, you must stock up on smoking supplies. Stop at your smoke shop and snag some utensils like papers, blunt wraps and don’t forget those lighters. Are you trying to “go big” this holiday?

Grab a fresh piece of glass from your local head shop. Avoid smoking from an apple this holiday, please. If you already have a glass collection, make sure all your pieces are freshly cleaned. Smoking or dabbing out of clean glass is a great (and flavorful) way to celebrate 4/20!

Snacks to last

If you’re planning on spending your day smoking, eating and dabbing cannabis products yet don’t have munchies lying around the house, please reconsider your idea of a great 4/20. Even if you’re not hungry now, we’re guessing you might be later. Save yourself a trip to the store and avoid driving high by getting all your snacks beforehand!

4/20 To-Do List

Roll it up

There are many ways to roll up for the big day, we’ve outlined a few to spark your imagination.


Your everyday rolls include a simple joint and the classic blunt. If you’re looking to stay within your comfort zone, then keep it casual. Starting with the basics will also help you progress to more throughout the day and evening.


Joint art is a great way to get creative this 420. Roll something other than the casual rolls, like a cross joint, or make a weed leaf. Better yet, try something completely new that will impress your friends!


Try methods of twaxing your joints like spreading shatter around the outside of the paper, rolling concentrate inside your joints or putting wax across the tip of the joint. Roll up two different types of bud within one joint for a flavor explosion.


Hold your own joint rolling competition. See who can roll the fastest, blindfolded, behind the back or even the impossible one-handed roll.

Roll 2 joints at a time if you're feeling festive! Roll 2 joints at a time if you're feeling festive!

Hit the glass

If you’re a fan of glass over papers and wraps, this section is for you. Break out the bongs, bubblers and pipes and pack ‘em up!


Your average glass is never a disappointment. Rip the bong or bubbler a few times, pack up the “four-footer” and play some Cypress Hill.


This goes out to all those who have ever made their own bong. In desperate times, when glass just isn't around, you can always make your own. Bongs can be made out of many things, so do some research and get creative. Or, make a gravity bong. Gravity bongs are great for large groups.

If you’re feeling really creative, have a homemade bong competition and judge the contestants or scale it up and make a two story bong this 420 (be sure to send us a picture). There really is no way to go wrong when ripping the bong this 4/20.

Dab some Concentrate

Dabbing is a relatively new trend amongst cannabis consumers. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time! Many dispensaries are offering great deals and coupons on concentrates. Redeem yours today!


Hit the rig with some shatter, wax, live resin or whatever you love. Normal dab rips are great to start with on 4/20.


Try a “double dip” in which you dab two different types of concentrate at the same time. You can also try making dab art by shaping shatter into little figurines before smoking them. Additionally, you might try your hand at bigger dabs this year. Push the limit, can you dab a whole gram?

Dabs are always a great 4/20 option. Dabs are always a great 4/20 option.


Vaping is essential to the 4/20 experience and will help your lungs recover. Take a quick break from all those joints, bong rips and dabs. Sit back and fire up the vape for a sesh and enjoy a calm, relaxing moment. Forced air vapes with fillable bags are a great way to smoke with a big group of people too.

Attend a cannabis event

If you live in a state with recreational cannabis, then go out and enjoy a cannabis 4/20 event. If you do not live in a recreational cannabis state, make your own 4/20 event. Invite your friends over and make dinner or have a picnic in the park. As long as you are with friends, family and enjoying cannabis, it's bound to be an awesome 4/20 event.

Cook with cannabis

Edibles from dispensaries can be expensive and tough to choose from, so why not make your own? Try making something other than brownies this year. Mix it up and make something special and be sure to share your cannabis infused snacks with your friends.

Create art

The perfect activity after a solid smoke session is creating art. Express your inner creativity this year with a painting, drawing or any other crafts you may be interested in. The process of making art can be therapeutic and calming while riding a crisp high. If you create something, share it with the world.

Enjoy nature and the outdoors

If possible, go outside this 420. There is plenty of time to stay indoors during the year so if the weather is nice near you, go outside. Take a walk and embrace the sunlight, or snowfall depending. Cannabis is a natural plant and best enjoyed directly in nature. Plan a 420 hike, or bike ride. As long as you leave the house once on 420, the day is successful.

Nature is always better with a joint in hand. Nature is always better with a joint in hand.

No matter what you choose to do today, let the cannabis do the work and enjoy its rich culture and history. Please, respect cannabis and its culture by acting responsible this holiday and have a wonderful holiDAZE!


Samuel J. Smith Samuel J. Smith

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Samuel J. Smith is a modest Green Bay Packers fan who enjoys creative writing, cooking and inventing useful products. As an unaffected youth of the war on drugs and 1990s DARE program, Samuel seeks to spread his passion of cannabis to other like-minded individuals.

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