Virginia has passed legislation to legalize marijuana. However, legalization will not go into effect until 2024.

Virginia began sales of medical marijuana in mid October of 2020. The state took its first steps towards a medical system when it created an affirmative defense for CBD or Low-THC preparations with two bills in 2015, Senate Bill 1235 and House Bill 1445. However it wasn’t until Senate Bill 976, passed in the 2020 legislative session, that rules for actual sales and distribution were established.


Recreational possession will be permitted starting in 2024. Medical patients may possess up to a “90-day supply” of cannabis. The state has yet to set a standardized amount for what constitutes a 90 day-supply. Currently, it is determined on an individual basis based on the patient’s consultation with a recommending pharmacist. 

Purchasing Limits

A patient may not purchase more than their 90-day possession limit in a 90-day period. Purchase limits are set on an individual basis. Recreational dispensaries are not yet open at this time. The current timeline has retail scheduled to open in 2024.


Medical marijuana cannot be consumed in public in any way, and can only be consumed in a private residence or property. Virginia has passed legislation to allow for recreational consumption, but consumption is currently not allowed. The new laws are slated to be enacted in 2024.

Driving Under the Influence

Virginia’s medical marijuana laws do not change the definition of impairment. It is still possible to get a DUI if driving under the influence or while using medical marijuana. The same is expected to be true for recreational cannabis as well, once laws go into effect. 

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Virginia

Virginia does not have a set list of qualifying medical conditions. Any physician certified with the Board of Pharmacy may recommend cannabis for any ailment they feel might benefit from it. Minors are eligible as well, but must assign a parent/caregiver in order to use the state’s medical marijuana system.

Out-of-State Reciprocity

Not only does Virginia not offer reciprocity, it might be the only state that explicitly states Virginia medical marijuana cards are not valid in other states. This means that VA cardholders might not be able to shop in other states that do allow reciprocity. It is best to check with local regulations before attempting to purchase.

Where to Get Medical Marijuana in Virginia

Dispensaries are open as of October, 2020. Check out our dispensary listings to find a location near you!


Virginia does not allow for home cultivation of cannabis. All medical cannabis must be obtained from a licensed dispensary. 


Rules regarding medical marijuana delivery are yet to be established.